(WIP) "The Cordillarian Revolution"

“Cordillaria, officially known as the Republic of Cordillaria, is a South American country located in the western part of the continent. With a land area spanning approximately 1,548,000 square kilometers, it boasts a diverse geographical landscape, including soaring mountain ranges, lush plains, and pristine coastlines.”

Answering your question: It is larger than Chile, but smaller than Argentina.


A completely new one.


So Cordillaria is similar to Peru (1,285,216 km2) in size. Pretty big :+1::+1:
Will there be a mention of the Operation Condor?


Operation Condor will have a major importance during the game.


So how many love interest are you planing to have?


Is he adding Li’s? I thought he wasn’t going to bother until later when he got everything more fleshed out


there are 2 that I know for now, the agent of [redacted] that you speak with as a diplomat in USSR and the leader of the revolutionary army


Update out today with some of Chapter 2!


Spoiler ahead, I always forget how to hide the comments, if someone can tell me I would be grateful.

I gonna put all the spelling mistakes I see here as I read






This is not a spelling mistake, but I just notice that in the flag we have 10 stars to represent 12 states. I would change the meaning of the stars because the flag is very beautiful and I loved the symbol, it could be something symbolic or the Cordillo coat of arms, but I would find it boring if it were the second option. I personally don’t like stars representing states, because even though it’s unlikely, every time you add a state you have to add one more star and unlike the USA, we don’t have a blue block saying “put the stars here”.


Second thing, I believed that Cordilla was a variation of the word cordillera, but now that I see that it is a variation of the name Cordilo we have to decide what the name of the colony was before independence.


Ah thank you!


You’re welcome


Thanks for catching those spelling mistakes! Hopefully, we can fix them before the project wraps up.

Now, about the flag, it’s a bit of a funny story. I wanted to give a nod to some South American countries by incorporating elements from their flags. For instance, the sun in the center was inspired by Argentina and Uruguay.

The 12 stars of Cordillaria were meant to mirror the 8 stars on the venezuelan flag.

I suppose I don’t need to insert a picture here, we all know the flag of Venezuela, right?

That stars (Venezuela) were historically made to symbolize the provinces that declared independence from Spain. But, I was so tired when I made the flag that I didn’t even realize two stars were missing.

A few days later, I spotted the mistake and thought, “Oh no, people are going to notice this right away!” Surprisingly, nobody seemed to care, so I left it, thinking to myself, “I’ll fix that flag sooner or later.”

But I will eventually try to improve the symbolical aspects of the flag and specifically fix that mistake.

I know that what I’m about to say it wasn’t exactly your point, but I just want to point out that the United States it’s just one of the many countries to use stars to represent states, even the brazilian flag use stars with the same intention.

When it comes to naming the country, my original idea was to nod to the cordillaria ranges, something so prevalent in the area that it would naturally become part of the name, like Pau-Brasil (In american terms: Brazilwood) for Brazil. But then, I wanted to sneak in a reference to this man:

I still don’t know how to use this site, so just imagine a glorious picture of Simon Bolivar.

Love him or hate him, we can’t deny that Simon Bolivar left a huge mark on South America. I mean, Bolivia is literally named after the guy (I know that It wasn’t necessarily a tribute, I’m just oversimplificating the topic).

So, when crafting Cordillaria’s story, I knew I had to find an interesting way to give a nod to him.

Drawing inspiration from Bolivar and the French mercenary, Pedro Labatut, who played a big role in Brazil’s independence war, I came up with the character Arthur Cordillo.

It’s a good idea, I’m always open to suggestions.


I commented on the stars because in the country’s history it leaves it open, giving the idea that it is just the number of states. If you want an easy way to fix the flag without changing tthe stars, just write that the ten stars represent the initial states that declared independence and then two large states separated due to logistics or/and bureaucracy, kind of like Venezuela, which currently has 23 statesbut only 8 stars.

My suggestions are Rio del Oro, referencing that one of the reasons for the conflict between Spain and Portugal in the region was gold, and my second suggestion would be Nova Sárgovia, because I like the city.


I agree with you, I will eventually develop Cordillaria’s past history and Rio del Oro as the colonial name. And I also think you’re right about the stars, they should have a more symbolic meaning.


Small Update: Lawyer’s Background

(Still unfinished, but some decisions are already available.)


Thank you for providing me with the lawyer path I was looking for. I’m looking forward to the implementation of the independent lawyer path.


Can you explain what exactly is this and briefly explain about this game and where can I find this game or from where can I download this game and also give me the link :link: for this game from where I can download this game.

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It is distributed as abandonedware on the Internet Archive. However, we do not know the legality in your jurisdiction, so please be careful when downloading.

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Hi, I have a doubt.

How do Economics, Sociology, Medicine and Law majors influence the MC career?


Economics helps with any economic plans the MC could bring to the nation and vise versa with law, I think sociology could help with ideology we choose, but I don’t know what else the medical major could help with other then helping with the medical care with in the country