(WIP) The Arcanist's Journey 136 thousand words

LMAO honestly I didnt even notice until you said that… How didn’t I notice, my subconscious really just out here thirsting for Solas :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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I found two typos on the first page.

I forgot to circle the ‘You are stood far behind’ too, my bad and there’s also a bunch of choices where ‘yeah’ is written as ‘yea’.

Also I’m not a native english speaker so I could be wrong but I think ‘I’ve suffered enough’ would be more proper than ‘I’ve suffered through enough’.

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Yeah, I think you’re right with changing it to “I’ve suffered enough,” would be a bit more appropriate. If there was another word after, like “I’ve suffered through enough hardship”, then it would be the better option.

“Yea” is a real word though. Of course I don’t know whether or not it’s what the author intended, but it’s not necessarily incorrect, I believe. It does mean “yes”.

Oh wow, that’s pretty long for a WIP, I hope it’s been an enjoyable experience. If you’re planning on turning this into a series, this might be a good ending point for the first entry. You don’t want to risk burnout by writing too much at once. I heard from IF writers it helps a lot to break it up a bit.

Thank you, fixed.

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Didn’t realize yea was an old-fashioned way of saying yes and Yeah is the casual one we use nowadays lol. But I’ve used Yea so often now it’s going to be long to add a single ‘H’ to them all xD

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It’s a pretty long one for sure but you only have 50k words in a single playthrough. I’m currently pretty much done with this WIP with the ending setting up the next book. Just patching up everything else including adding more choices and making sure the core narrative is actually there along with the main character’s having more personality.

TLDR- Not close to finished, lot of work to do.

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Well, it is a fantasy story. I don’t think archaic yes is that much out of place.

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It’s a real word but it’s kinda archaic way of saying it and people seem to wear clothes that wouldn’t fit with the era where it would be used so I assume the author just mixed up the two.

I think you can just search and replace.

Depends on the text editor, but likely true in this case. Seeking out the sequence of Y, E, and A for “yea” should be fairly simple, barring words like ‘yeast’ being used to muddy the search results, but that’s unlikely.

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This game will be released this Thursday, October 5th!
The demo is now available to play here: The Arcanist’s Journey