(WIP) Serpentine (UPDATED 10/13)

I was so sure the Dr was the RO (El) :scream:

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You will definitely get the chance to later ! I didn’t add too many options in that scene because the MC wouldn’t have much strength to do much of anything.
But at full strength, the MC is far more powerful than Lys and the siblings combined.

Thank you so much! :two_hearts:


I glad because my mc what to have few words with that sister of his :smiling_imp:


Hm… what is full strength? would that require the wings to… idk. Grow back?

and does that mean MC’s also powerful enough to tear Levi apart limb by limb since Lys was able to overpower her (albeit he caught her off guard but still) cause I’ve got a major bone to pick with that one :rage: lol


I’ve been sniffing around this forum all day like a damn drug addict for a demo that holds my interest I am so glad I found this


That’s an…interesting analogy.


If you could see me now you’ll see it’s an accurate description lmao
dry bloodshot eyes, fingers scrambling desperately on the keyboard at 4am looking for a distraction, some distraction from reality


That’s a regular Tuesday night for me. In fact, it is me right now.

Nothing beats an existential crisis in the middle of the night, eh?


bruh no wonder I see you so often here


I am wondering how did we get caught by the demons? Did the angels just get overwhelmed?

Could be war a happen or something else bad :thinking:

I assumed a war happened since there’s demons in heaven. Just wondering if it was one sided or something special happened

God was sleepy maybe?

On that how strong is mc at full power because when mc was weak they damage Levi eye :thinking:

I think strong enough for it issue for them to be alive . Asmodeus seem quite pissed that they are still alive. I wonder if it was him who beat us or weakened

Good point so mc enough of threat even thought they have one wing after escape 100 years torture :thinking:

I am wondering if Mc power is tied to their wings or it’s just symbol of their status in heaven

It might be they had 6 of them I also wonder if a angel wings are sign how their strong are :thinking:

Could be another why Levi took pleasure in tearing off Mc wings.

Mc might be top tier angel that way Asmodeus said kill them when Levi had chance