(WIP) Serpentine (UPDATED 10/13)

Hi! I’ve been working on this project religiously, although it’s a little short at the moment. It’s become an important part of my life, and I want to be as perfect as I envision it so I’ve been taking my time.

It’s difficult for me to notice the small mistakes I’ve made, so any and all feedback is very welcome and much needed!

Last updated : 10/13/20


When the heavens become a tundra wasteland overrun by demons. You, a now one-winged seraph, manage to escape after hundreds of years being bound and tortured by one demon in particular who doesn’t give up so easily and is willing to do whatever it takes to you back in her grasp.

You’ve never been to Earth, and what you’ve heard has not shed a positive light on humans, but you learn soon enough that you won’t achieve anything you desire, whether it be revenge or peace, alone.

Content Warnings

Though there isn’t much horrific scenes at the moment, there will be many in the future as it is Horror/Fantasy.

• drowning / asphyxiation
• graphic scenes (mostly blood)
• and currently the first chapter is set entirely in a hospital, which I know some people are triggered by.

I’ll add more as I update it, but if I need to add anything else please let me know!

Romance Options

Alastair Marcello (m) 26 / 6’1”
A.k.a. Louis Romano. A blind, empathetic witch and sibling to Viktoria. Freckled tawny skin, short & wavy brown hair, light hazel eyes.

Viktoria Marcello (f) 24 / 6’4”
A.k.a. Maria Romano. A stoic huntress with a “heart of stone”. Tawny skin, loosely curled hair she dyes dark blue, and hazel eyes.

Lethe (f) unknown / 4’9”
An impatient djinn with deep trust issues. Brown skin, golden eyes, waist-length black hair.

Reina / Ronan Ka’uhane (m or f) 24 / 5’6”
A sweet, big-hearted painter and good friend to El. Light brown skin, brown, extremely curly hair (short if male, mid-back length if female), dark brown eyes that look almost black.

Ellie / Elliott Erikson (m or f) 29 / 5’8”
A pastry chef who owns an upscale bakery and only seems to like their dog, Daisy. Fair skin that’s lightly freckled, shoulder-length light blonde hair, and dark blue eyes.

Lysandros (m) unknown / 7’0”
A powerful demon given the task to hunt the MC. Brown scarred skin, long dark brown, coily hair, black eyes.

Other Characters

Riyad Hassan (m) 43 / 6’0”
A sweet and humorous nurse. Brown skin, dark brown eyes, and short, graying black hair.

Kalea Ka’uhane (f) 42 / 5’3”
A dutiful yet compassionate doctor and mother to R. Light brown skin, dark brown eyes, and shoulder-length curly brown hair.

Arthur Erikson (m) 28 / 5’7”
A slightly overconfident doctor and sibling to El. Tan skin, short blonde hair, and dark blue eyes.



Yay! You finally made a forum page :two_hearts:


I’m so happy to see a post with Serpentine !

I actually played the demo a few days ago and it’s good.

The RO(s) are a discovery for me. I shouldn’t be surprised about Lysandros being one.

Oh… Too bad we can’t use the name Gabriel. It’s new. For fun I tested Lucifer’s ame, like it ~.

Great WIP and I am so excited to read more of it!!!

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Brilliant demo love the concept looking forward to more keep up the good work.

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Thank you!!
I’ll be sure to add descriptions of the ROs soon!
And sorry :innocent: it would makes things very confusing in the future.


I guess we will meet them or at least in our memories.

It could be another path but anyway it looks interesting.

Oh, I just thought maybe you should put your tumblr in the first post so people could go there directly. I know the link is in the game, I used that link ~.

I didn’t saw all the posts but will we get to talk to El soon or we will actually meet the others RO before ? Just asking if it’s spoilers it’s fine not knowing :see_no_evil:

You had me at Alastair :heart: #DragonAge


Yes! I had read you’re story at dashington before and were hoping you would make a forum here, and now you did! I am following your progress with great interest, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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I’ll add the tumblr link too! Thank you!

and you meet El and R at the beginning of chapter 2 :relaxed:


:heart_eyes: beautiful intro

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I love this!! Right up my alley, I already want to romance the doc haha XD

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Is there any additional or in depth information about ROs? Also, if we can choose the gender of ROs, then why couldn’t I choose the gender of Dr. Erikson? Or is the RO their son/daughter? The game was very well written by the way. Mostly, I was feeling anger and grief for my fallen family, the torture and especially when the male detective used his power on us without permission. That really got me really angry. Are the detectives ROs? Or if there any chance of them being ROs? Just curious. Great demo, good luck!

I loved the demo. It was really great

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Whew. I can’t wait to slowly and painfully murder Leviathan. At least… I hope that’s where this is eventually heading…

I wouldve liked a more physical response to the male detective. even just being able to like…slap him or something because rummaging through memories without consent is super invasive and I don’t like that at all. Idc how sorry he was or how bad he felt. Like no, fuck you guy.

Also, I get why Lys feels like he has to come for MC but um… If he truly tries to come for MC, I hope we get the option to beat his ass - or at least try to.10/10 think death would be preferable to returning to Leviathan anyway so maybe if MC picks the wrong fight, shell just get killed and not have to deal with it lmao

This was enjoyable to read! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more.


I tried to edit the first post but it won’t let me just yet… I’ll add the RO info as soon as I can!
El is the doctor’s sibling. He’s not an RO so his gender doesn’t really matter. The detectives are ROs, they just use fake names :relaxed: Viktoria is Maria, and Alastair is Louis.

They feel very guilty though. And thank you!!!


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The story is so good! I love all the humorous interaction!
I feel a bit uneasy with the two detectives tho. They have the audacity to barge in, even read their mind! I just hope we have a chance to confront them (tho i feel a bit better since i get to defend myself with scisors)


@Book_Devourer is correct about the user level.

What I did was to turn your first post into a wiki and this will allow you to edit it. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact any moderator, and we will help as we can.

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Yes I was missing one requirement I think to be a Regular, but thank you very much!