[WIP] Sanguine Sky [96k words] [Updated: 11/05/2024]

Hello, I’m Whizumi [she/her], and I’ve finally got the courage to post the demo I’ve been working on for a while now.

Genres: romance, modern-fantasy, supernatural, mystery, dark-fantasy.

Summary: You are a detective, tasked with investigating mysterious murders that have taken place in your normally quiet and peaceful hometown, Fallenmor.

With two victims confirmed already, the initial one being your former mentor, Detective Bergmann, the situation couldn’t seem more dire. Or so you thought until you received the news of another body, a possible third victim, discovered at the police station. In your very own office.

An accident, a mere coincidence, a straightforward warning, a looming threat, or something entirely else… Whatever is happening, you feel it affecting you, awakening something both significantly familiar and distinctly foreign inside of you.

If only you knew that this was just the beginning… Things could have been different.

But back then, in your ignorance, your singular concern lay with a pressing question: if you failed to find the murderer, who would become the next victim?


Sanguine Sky is a work-in-progress modern dark-fantasy interactive novel. The story is heavily focused on romance, characters, and relationships.

The story is for mature audiences only and contains distressing content that may be triggering for certain individuals. Reading the list of warnings before proceeding to the story is highly recommended. Please exercise caution and take care of yourself.

  • Play as male, female, non-binary or trans; straight, gay, or bisexual.
  • Customize your appearance and shape your personality.
  • Take on the role of a detective, immerse yourself in the work of the police station.
  • Embrace the mystery of your existence, or reject that inner sight of you.
  • Seven romance options to choose from. Select their gender, be shy or bold, or focus on your goal without pursuing anyone.

All ROs are player-sexual and gender-selectable [M/F].

Kyle / Keira Moreno

Your colleague, a police inspector, and one of the rudest people you have ever met. Sharp and stern, K is surprisingly perceptive, and they use it to really see you. The good, the bad. Everything.

Appearance: icy blue eyes, dark red hair, very pale skin.

Alexis 'Lex / Lexie' Conlan

Your best friend, and also your former partner from times when you were just a patrol officer. With a heart of gold and an approachable attitude, L always chooses you over the others.

Appearance: forest green eyes, copper hair, beige freckled skin.

Morgan Schoivell

Your other colleague, a highly-skilled lab technician. M is rather reserved when it comes to emotions, and after almost a year of working together, M is still a walking mystery for you.

Appearance: dark brown eyes, ash blonde hair, light skin.

Roderick / Rebecca Reyes

The commanding agent of the Criminal Investigative Division (CID) Team sent to catch the killer. Overbearing and ruthless, R has their own way of getting things done.

Appearance: gray eyes, blonde hair, pale skin.

Theodore 'Theo' / Theresa 'Tess' Vazquez

Another member of the CID team. With a cocky smile, T is full of flirts and sneering comments, regardless of the occasion. T has no doubts about what they want and isn’t afraid to vocalize it.

Appearance: dark green eyes, black curly hair, rich brown skin.

Isaac / Iris Brailsford

I looks the most mature and approachable of CID’s fellow agents. Looks can be deceiving, though. Working behind the scene and watching from afar, I carries all the scars within.

Appearance: hazel eyes, dark brown hair, olive skin.

Sebastian / Selena Goldstein

Someone new and temporary, S has a velvety voice and a perfect smile that doesn’t reach their eyes. You’re not sure if your paths will cross in the future, but something tells you S can’t be trusted.

Appearance: black eyes, long black wavy hair, bronze skin.

More information will be revealed after all the RO’s are introduced in the story (chapter 2).

Other characters

Your twin-sister: Your sweet, kind, caring, and gentle twin sister. She always tries to be there for you, and show how much she appreciates you, no matter what.

Chief of Police, Kendrick Nash: Your boss, who is not handling his job so well after the recent death of his husband, Klemens Bergmann.

Detective Klemens Bergmann: Police chief’s husband, who happened to be a senior detective and your mentor. He was the first victim, murdered under mysterious circumstances.

Content warning

The story contains references/detailed descriptions of: depression, violence, frightening scenes, blood, gore, death, nightmares, strong language, optional sexual situations/sexual content, illegal substances, dissociation/dissociative episodes.

A full list of warnings is available in the demo before the beginning of the story.

Additional info

Q: Will there be a polyamorous/triangle route?
A: No.

Q: Are there any restrictions and requirements for a particular RO?
A: No, all ROs are player-sexual and do not require you to make the “right” choices to develop a relationship. Some ROs won’t be nice to your character, and I want the player to be able to respond in kind if they feel that way while not blocking the RO’s route because of that.
Don’t be afraid to be bad. Some characters deserve it.

Q: Does the main character have a set personality?
A: No, your character’s personality will be determined by your choices with stats. Other characters will pay attention to and comment on your personality.

Q: Are there other things in the story that are predetermined in advance?
A: The first is your position as a detective. The second is your relationship with your sister. You will be able to change it later if you want to.

Q:What about the stats?
A: Not yet implied into the game as planned, but I don’t plan on adding mechanics where your character is punished for “failure” because I’m not a fan of that approach. I understand that some may find it boring and disappointing.

Q: Is this going to be a series or a standalone book?
A: The story is planned as a standalone book, but I’m open to the idea of “splitting” the story if it starts to feel too big for one book.

Update log

17/12/23: “Prologue” + “Chapter 1” posted.
30/12/23: “Chapter 2 sneak peek” added.
01/02/24: Chapter 2 Pt. 1 [Patreon] posted.
24/02/24: Chapter 2 Pt. 1 posted.
14/04/24: Chapter 2 Pt. 2 [Patreon] posted.
11/05/24: Chapter 2 Pt. 2 posted.

Next update

Сhapter 3 will be split into 2 parts and published on Patreon first.

My drafts are finished up to chapter 5 (RO lock for the rest of the book), but I still have to translate, code, and polish them, so the updates won’t be quick.


There are two important things I should note first:

  1. This is my first interactive novel.
  2. English is not my first language.

Although I’m trying my best, I understand that lack of experience and not knowing the language well enough can make things worse. It would help me a lot to have your feedback pointed towards:

  1. Grammatical and coding mistakes.
  2. Text “fluency” or “readability.” (As I mentioned, English is not my first language.)

Word count (excl. code): 96k words
Total word count [Public DEMO]: 116k words

DEMO: here.
Tumblr: here.
Patreon: here.
Ko-Fi: here.

Thank you for your interest!


I am so excited for this. I already love the characters and the story really is so interesting. Can’t wait for more!!!


Thank you, I’m glad you like it!

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This is great! Well-written, a great hook, and I love the characters, they feel like actual people with issues and flaws, and I love that we have such a wide ability to react to them. Can’t wait to see more!


It gives me Wayhaven vibes…


Hi @whizumi

I’m glad you posted your WiP.

There is a forum software bug that may prevent you from editing your original post down the road, so if it hits you, let me or another moderator know and we can turn your post into a wiki.

Once you reach user level 2 (regular) this bug is no longer an issue, and if you want to be proactive until then we can turn the post into a wiki as well.

Also for everyone else … let’s not go down the Wayhaven rabbit hole, thanks!


This was great! I had fun, love the characters, and am super interested to see what comes next!

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STARS like from RE?

This is amazing, I’m already itching for more. The detail, Dialogue, chef kiss :ok_hand:

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You had me at “Fallenmor” and “Bergmann” (I have a thing for names, okay?).

Anyway, a lot of typos/grammatical/pronoun errors, but I’ll get to them later if someone else doesn’t do it first.

This one was particularly hilarious though:

Unless the phone has shutters on it (which I have never seen, but it could be a some kind of phone case I suppose) I believe you mean “shattered”.

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This is really intriguing! I’m looking forward for more investigation.

What I've noticed:

Detective gathered evidence and then it is not mentioned until he bumps into Morgan. It seems that he walks around the station and to a different building (administrative office) with evidence bag and never thinks that he should get it to evidence room. At some point he hides hands in the coat pocket so he doesn’t hold the bag. Or he left evidence in his office (where technicians are still working on the crime scene?). Maybe it will be logical to mention where that bag was all this time and that detective was heading to evidence room before bumping into Morgan.

After detective said goodbye to Lex and went home I’ve got “Now playing as yourself”. It seems that there should be a pov switch to Lex but there where none.

Also, minor bug: “He tries to sound casual, but when you look in the rearview mirror, you notice her gaze meeting yours for a second, burning with curiosity.” - should be his instead of her since Lex set to male.


Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I wasn’t sure I did well with the choices, so I really appreciate your feedback.


Hello! Thank you for letting me know!

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Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it!


I understand, I was prepared for that kind of feedback. Although I love Wayhaven, I was more inspired by The Vampire Diaries, where the supernatural are very cruel to humans. It seems logical to me, so I’m taking that approach for my story.

In RE ‘STARS’ is the abbreviation for “Special Tactics and Rescue Service” and I used the “Special Tactics and Response”. But I see your point, I think it would be easier for me to change the name since it’s not really important to the story.

Thank you!

Oh, thanks for pointing that out! English is not my first language, and even though I checked everything, there may still be mistakes caused by incorrect translations. Any feedback regarding grammatical mistakes would be very helpful to me!

Thanks for the detailed feedback! I’ll see what I can do to make things not seem illogical.

Okay, it took me a while to figure out how to reply to multiple people at once.
Thanks to the feedback, I’ve already made some changes regarding grammatical and coding errors. I really appreciate your help!


Was a fun flashback and a good hook. Found a typo or two.

“Was you?” Kyle asks with a clear doubt in his voice, and the officer quickly nods more times than necessary.

Should be “Were you?”.

Some incorrect capitalizations and missing commas in dialog.

Much to Kyle dislike, you visit his office quite often due to your work specific.

Should be either “Much to Kyle’s dislike”, or “Much to his dislike”.

Nice cliff hanger. Looking forward to reading this.

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…I think you typo’ed that one.

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Finger guns. Good catch. :wink:

Thank you for the feedback! I’ve updated the files, so the typos should now be corrected.

Also, this line should end with, “due to your work specifically.”

“specific” doesn’t make sense here.

Sorry to add on to this one line lol. I really enjoy the story so far!