(WIP) Pink Star [Jan 01 / 2022]

Long time COG/HG fan. Always wanted to make my own - but something always held me back. With motivation from my friends (and my high school English teacher LOL), I decided to start work on a book. Went through a couple of different ideas before I landed on something I actually thought I would want to play.

Without further ado, I present: Pink Star.

You play an ex-thief who got out of the business a few years ago when it started to get hairy, but also when it began to pay well. Right now, you live in New York City with your best friend (and ex-partner in crime) Jamie. Jamie’s been working at the port, and you’ve been working as a freelancer.
One day, you get an email offering you the chance of a lifetime - and enough money to keep you set for the next five.
Sure, you got out of the business, but for a chance like this? Is it worth it to get back in?

Pink Star is a relationship-focused crime IF. Who you befriend, the skills you train, and how you go about your day will determine the outcome. With that in mind, there will be more than one ending.

That being said - I am definitely a novice when It comes to writing. It’s always been a passion of mine (English was always my best class haha), but I’ve never completed a book before - I’ve always hit some roadblock that’s kept me back.

Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

I’ve currently finished up to Chapter [3]. I plan on posting updates every second Friday on my Tumblr. Right now, the total word count is around 34k.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the demo!

  • Be male, female, or non-binary.
  • Be anywhere on the sexuality spectrum your heart desires.
  • Multiple stories and endings to explore.
  • Seven romanceable characters, all with unique personalities. Three male, three female, and one non-binary.
  • Attend a fancy gala you probably weren’t invited to.
  • Commit crime.
  • Get away with said crime?
  • Punch a pervert?

Amelia Kingsley (She/her, 41y/o) - A 5’9 lithe Caucasian woman. She has shoulder-length dark brown hair and blue eyes. A genuine person but has a tendency to be closed off. Try as you will, the last person she opened up to was her ex-partner, who she now refuses to talk about. A casual friend you’ve been meeting for drinks over the past few years.

Christopher “Chris” Kennedy (He/him, 44y/o) - A 6’0 well-built Caucasian male. He has blue eyes and short dark grey hair that’s styled in a side part. He has a beard that he keeps well maintained. Currently works for Parker Medical as Head of Security. And if it’s the same Chris you’re thinking of - he should still be an emotional brick wall.

Kaleb Kidane (He/him, 36y/o) - He is a 5’6 Ethiopian male with an average build. He has dark brown eyes and black, curly hair that he keeps cut short. He tends to only rely on himself - as he believes that ‘If it’s gonna be done right, do it yourself.’ Works as a Public Relations Manager for Parker Medical.

Jamie Wan (They/them) - A 5’7 Malaysian with a very slim build. They have dark eyes and short black hair that they keep brushed in no particular style. Extremely outgoing and playful, but tends to be overly critical of themselves and over-reliant on others. They’ve been your partner-in-crime (literally) for well over two decades. They’re two years younger than you.

Jared Issawi (He/him, 31y/o) - A 6’3 Arab-Canadian man that could be described as a gentle giant. Has dark brown eyes, salt-and-pepper hair, a dad-bod, and a beard that he keeps trimmed. You will seldom see him without a smile on his face. Former Parker Medical Technical Specialist.

Taylor Parker (She/her, 29y/o) - A 5’3 slim Caucasian woman. Has green eyes and long blonde hair that she usually keeps in a messy bun. She’s well-put-together and quick-witted but hates letting emotions show. Current CFO for Parker Medical, she’s set to inherit the company from her parents within the next ten years.

Sofía Pérez (She/her, 37y/o) - She’s a curvy 6’1 Spaniard. She has light brown eyes and long brown hair that she keeps dyed black. She’s sharp, excitable, fiery, and will flirt with anyone that has a pulse. (Try not to take it too seriously) Always has a sarcastic comment ready. Currently works as the Second-in-Command for Parker Medical’s security team.

Update Logs

November 1st, 2021: Published on forums and dashingdon. Current demo includes prelude, chapter one, and interlude one.
January 2nd, 2022: Chapters 2 & 3 update.
January 3rd, 2022: Minor fixes.
January 7th, 2022: Added save function.

DEMOPink Star


Hello! I originally saw your IF idea on Tumblr and was super excited about it, and you haven’t disappointed. I can’t wait to see the development of this story and where it goes. I’ll definitely be keeping up with it :grin:

Did come across this bug when trying to select the ‘continue drinking water’ choice.


Thank you for the kind words!!

As for the bug - I actually noticed it right after I posted the demo :sweat: I ran a test just to make sure and tried to fix it right away LOL
It should be fixed now, though!

Oh, it’s going to be great game :heart:
I have a soft spot for MCs who are criminals, thieves etc. so your WIP got my attention :eyes:

:joy::joy::joy: i’m dead

Are you planning to add save in the next update?


I am interested in knowing all this is going to play out

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Yes! With any luck I’ll figure out how the save feature works and add it.
I didn’t think that it would be necessary right now as there isn’t much variation yet - but that will definitely change in the next couple chapters :wink:

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I love when the ROs and the MCs are older than 40, it is so rare to see that in any kind of media, so thank you for that. Also, i really like your simple but engaging writing style, the plot looks cool too, i can’t wait for more


I think a jewel like that called the pink star will really really have tough security and don’t forget the police force but it’ll be like a diamond that’s worth its going to be broadcasting to the world a lot of people are going to go looking for it’s pretty much a hot product no one’s going to easily sell that thing in the black market and not get arrested for the payout for finding the people responsible


Thanks for pointing this out!
There’s not anything important after this (it just goes to ending.txt afterwards). But I think I fixed it anyway.


It was great! This game is full of potential too bad the demo ends abruptly. I can’t fully enjoy it since it was short. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Oh a crime themed IF! I will check it up later, but congrats on starting the demo and good luck :slight_smile:

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Yess…your welcome…and will you continue this story??? Heem :thinking:

Ahaha sorry about that! I just wanted to get something out there to start establishing story.

I plan for the next update to be north of 30k words - but we’ll see how that goes :wink:

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Hahaha…yes…okeeyyy…can’t wait…heemm.im love amelia or jamie…heemmm maybe other lls…

Bi-weekly Update: November 12th, 2021

Hey guys!!
Figured I’d drop a little update here as well as on Tumblr!

The current demo is sitting at 5.8k words - and since I’ve posted it, I’ve nearly tripled the word count! (Sitting just under 16k words now!) I’ve finished chapter two and just started chapter three - although I think before I start writing the meat of chapter three I’ll probably code chapter two. There’s a lot more variation in chapter two than in chapter one - so I’m expecting the code to be more complicated. If coding for chapter two goes smoothly, depending on how things play out, I should be looking at updating the demo in early December!

The next update I’ll post will be November 26th, and with any luck, I’ll be able to give you guys a date for the next demo update :wink:

Once again, thank you guys for all the support!

What's to be expected in the next update?

Here’s a little of what you can expect from chapter two:
-More worldbuilding/character building.
-Spend more time with Jamie (if you choose to)
-Receive the offer of a lifetime

Expected for chapter three:
-Meet the remainder of the ROs
-Have the first individual RO scene
-Start training your skills


Sniff, sniff, is that the scent of a WIP I smell???

Gotta love me a good ol heist story, especially with the fact that the PC isn’t some young upstart thief but a veteran who is slowly getting back into the game they swore they’d never touch again. Excited for the update coming :grinning:


Bi-weekly Update: November 26th, 2021

Hey guys!

Alright, so since I’ve posted the last update I have:
-Finished coding/cleaning up chapter two
-Gotten about halfway through writing chapter three
-Coded about 15% of chapter three

Now, I originally intended to be finished with chapter three by the time I posted this, but a lot has changed since the last update lmao.
Most notably: Chapter three has a LOT of variation in it compared to chapter two (and I thought chapter two was a lot!) and there’s a lot of different variables and routes that I need to work out and plan.

But, if I can say something about what I’ve written since chapter one, It’s this:
Chapter one was around 5.5k words. Chapter two is double that (just under 11k) and Chapter three I’m estimating to be around 20-25k words depending on how much I end up writing for each route.

I’m still looking at updating the demo in December - although now I’m guessing it will be around the 13th rather than the first week like I originally thought.

Now, the next update log I’ll have will be posted on December 10th, 2021. On that update I will 100% have a set day that I’m updating the demo, and I’ll also have an updated word count for you.

Until then, I’ll leave you guys with a tiny snippet from Chapter two!
Have a good weekend everybody!


you read the message a few more times before it fully sets in. To your knowledge, no one should know about your previous ‘career’, aside from Jamie and maybe a handful of old contacts. But it’s impossible that they would sell you out to someone random, right? You feel a sense of unease as your mind races with thoughts, and the only thing you can think of doing is …


Hello everyone!

First and foremost, I hope you all had a good new year, and happy whatever-you-celebrate!

Today, I would like to present to you all, the Chapter 2 & 3 Demo Update!

In this update, I’m adding over 25k words, not including code, to the demo.

I don’t want to get into too much, but here’s a little of what you can expect:

  • Meet more characters
  • Learn more about your past, and what brought you here
  • Start training skills

So, without further ado, PLAY HERE


Please note: The actual writing was semi-proofread but the actual code was… not.

If you see anything that looks weird or seems out of place, it probably is! Let me know by either leaving a reply to the forum post, or send the Tumblr an ask/message!

Enjoy!! I’ll see you all with an update on Friday :wink:


Found little something