[WIP] Of Royal Birth and Forlorn Fate [Hiatus~]

Could we kill our family and take over the throne? And could we have a RO descriptions?

Hm… this is an interesting concept. Logic screams at me that it doesn’t necessarily make sense for a third-born female heir to be told to get an apprenticeship as opposed to being used as a bargaining chip to secure an alliance with another country, but I know this is a fictional world so I’ll roll with it.

I think my biggest hesitation about this so far is that I feel like the MC is too… agreeable. I feel like there could’ve been more choices during the conversation with the parents. For example, at some point I think the MC is basically like whatever, I choose my battles or I know when I won’t win, but even if that’s true (that they know they won’t be able to change their parents’ mind), that doesn’t mean they have to make it easy on them. A simpler example would be when the parents are like “you know we love you” and the MC laughs and says I know. I feel like it would’ve been nice to have a choice there for more combative replies, something like “you have a funny way of showing it” or “just not as much as the twins” or “but you only care about me when it serves you” (when MC was still being lauded as a miracle).

As far as the conversation about the parents goes… I don’t know if I hate them necessarily but they’re seemingly poor child-rearers, and in a way, poor leaders because the child they expect to be king is an absolute brat and they don’t appear to care about correcting that behavior. A brat of a child will almost definitely become an ass of a king, and for that, the people would suffer.


In my mind it goes like this… If it’s all it comes to, that MC, a third born royal have no actual place in the family and have to get an apprenticeship… Why the hell can’t they just get on their own way and do something better with their life?


Exactly, MC could get the hell away and do better instead if they have no say in what they can or can’t do. :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: my rebellious nature is having a hard time with the MC going along with all this.


Looks really cool and I do like the idea but I just hope we can do something important for the kingdom later in the story.

I agree we should have at least throw a tantrum or storm out considering the MC is basically spoiled before. And the siblings reminds me of Richard that’s sense of entitlement.


Alright, i tried to play this because it seems interesting, it has an intereesting concept…but, and i say this without offense, it feels like you don’t know at all about the workings of a monarchy.

Simply put, the idea that a prince - a royal prince - would be sent to work as a Blacksmith is simply ridiculous. You don’t send an royal to do an commoner’s job - if they are a culture which is organized in the feudal style, it is just as likely as an commoner training to be a noble. Apotecary is less extreme, but being trained to be an random healer is far, far below the station of an royal heir. Finally, being an advisor is the most reasonable out of all of those, but it’s still an weird choice, given the risk of putting an legitimate heir to the throne in the position of advisor and protector of the reigning monarch.

In real life, while i am no expert, the siblings of a king would usually be given positions such as the lord of a duchy, or to be married off to a foreign princess to strengthen their relations. And now, you might be saying that this isn’t the case, as the protagonist of this game is, essentially, useless in royal matters, being apparently unable to ride a horse, lead, or be a swordsman.

In those cases, these “unwanted” heirs would almost always be given a position such as Bishop, or to be shunted into some other role of the Clergy, given it would put them out of the way - but while this might not be the case in this setting, it stands to my belief that there would be, similarly, some organization which would essentially rid these unwanted heirs of the possibility of causing problems. This isn’t an merely european concept - a full civil war was once caused because the brother of the Ashikaga Shogun - a monk - was convinced to abandon his religious life -sending heirs off to the clergy is an universal concept due to how convenient it is.

Ultimately, my point is, that while promissing, this demo generally lacks knowledge of the actual workings of a monarchic family - it treats you like a random commoner child who’s being told to get a job or to get thrown out. Even if you were in an setting where the culture dictated that commoner work was honorable, it simply makes no sense whatsoever to put an royal heir in such a low station, not when there are hundreds of thousands of common folk to fill such positions, whereas there is but a single prince they could use for things like arranged marriages.

On the bright side, i do like your writing style, even if towards the end of the demo it felt like it was a bit too thin (that is, like there wasn’t enough dialogue and text, and things were just kinda rushed along, though this is obviously just a side effect of being an new demo)

I’d reccomend reading some more about the medieval life, if you want to truly make an game that feels like it rather than an depicting of modern life with an coat of stone and leather paint.


Thank you

I am pretty sure cause the actual heirs are stupid and idiots but MC was born for one reason, to prove people that the royal family is not cursed cause of the twin heirs. So I assume that MC is kind of an unwanted and the parents needed them out of the way of the actual heirs…

Even if you are, it’s foolish that they would send a royal prince to do the job of a commoner. If they just wanted the protagonist out of the way, they could have extremely easily married him off to some distant kingdom, or sent him to become part of the clergy, or literally any position that is befitting of a royal heir that would get him out of the way.


That’s not how it works, it’s a Royal Heir. You don’t send a royal heir to do the job of a commoner, because that is ridiculous. If they truly wanted a prince to be gone that badly, they could have easily sent him to the clergy, or whatever equivalent this setting has.

Better to give real criticism early on than to let the game continue until it’s too late to change.


It’s called internal consistency. If the setting is a noble kingdom upon which the populace is divided between commoners and noblity (as well, possibly, as clergy), it simply makes no sense whatsoever to treat a royal prince like a commoner. It’s simply illogical that the child of a ruler would be sent to do the work of a commoner instead of being put to a position where their royal lineage can actually be used - or at least shunted off to somewhere they may not be able to inherit, like the clergy.

What’s the point of making a story about an unwanted royal heir when you’re just going to treat them like any run of the mill commoner being forced to get a job from their parents?


Again like I said, you’re being single minded and fixated on the same point and going in loops and circles. IT’S STILL A WiP in it’s starting stage. IN IT’S INFANT STAGE. you don’t yet know why it is how it is and why the story is goin in a certain way.

I really liked the demo, I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.

There’s been a lot of Royalty themed IF lately, it’s refreshing too see this one won’t be focused on a race for the throne. I very much like the idea of finding one’s own place in the world.

@GEPGUN while I understand your perspective, keep in mind that this may not be the story the author wants to tell. If you’re looking for a more historically accurate work of fiction, there’s other books you can read.

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I mean judging the whole story after reading couple chapters of a work in progress is unfair both to the story and to it’s creator.

It’s still a work in progress.

It’s a story about being a royal heir, and yet you get treated off like a commoner. If it was developed enough to post, then obviously the point is to offer criticism, yes? No point in just lying and saying something feel good that isn’t true.


I would honestly prefer being a military officer at least we get to look good and see some action possibly? Or maybe at least a high ranking job as a bureaucrat or a statesman. Being a blacksmith I’m not sure if my MC would be suitable to forge since all he know is lays around same as a healer or a royal guardsman stuck in a castle all day or following someone in this case your family member. IMO


Sounds interesting

Yeah, of course the culture is fictional but this was the time that royals even third or fourth born historically didn’t “work” as in perform a trade or manual labour in the conventional sense. If they were not shipped off to cement marriage alliances they’d usually be shipped off to the church. Which if the fictional church is a bit more tolerant of gay guys may not be too bad of a place for my mc.
Otherwise, if you go more towards the Renaissance then excess royals, while still not having a trade in the conventional sense could also become scholars at the nascent universities or artists. But that is artists, not artisans as in having a trade.

Actually forcing anything except a military/knighthood apprenticeship on the mc is, in historical context, an extremely severe humiliation for the mc. It implies they really don’t consider the mc part of the family and useless even to strengthen ties with allies…or even enemies or the church.

Yep those are actual jobs and far, far, far below the station of a feudal royal or even most modern ones, really who still tend to go for fun and/or prestigious careers if they can.
The military and not at the rank of a grunt guardsman would probably be most suitable for male mc, since they apparently don’t plan to marry him off or send him to the church.


Actually, the game says the protagonist just plain sucks at all that stuff - swinging a sword, riding a horse and all, which is one of the reasons you became a black sheep.

Ultimately though, it is pretty dumb to send a royal prince to be a blacksmith.