[WIP] Of Royal Birth and Forlorn Fate [Hiatus~]

Very interested in seeing this progress. Like the idea of a royal involved in more mundane affairs.

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This was an enjoyable read. Usually I play an MC that is all about family. No matter how rough around the edges the family is. The MC being understanding and accepting. Oho! Not this time. Nope my MC ready to gtfo, let the family rot and burn. Spoiled af siblings, let them become the curse they were believed to be. MC not saving them again. Let the rebellion come and destroy the self indulgent parents. MC is outta here.


This was such a pleasant read. I can’t wait for Florian to eat my kuckles.

Also, may I as which other game have you written? I wanna check out your released book.

SpokesWriter is also the author of Interstellar Airgap and Score of a Lifetime, both of which are published HGs. He also wrote Welcome to Starling, which AFAIK is not published anywhere (except for the Dashingdon demo). I’m not sure of its current status.


Thanks! I haven’t read either of them. Going to take a look now.

I have gone through it . Nice work and I look forward to more updates

I choose black smith because “He who controls the weapons, controls the kingdom”.


Hmm. We’ll have to see where this game goes, but I guarantee that any character in this position in real life would be shipped off to the most powerful monarch available for marriage ASAP.


:joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: oi there Nessy, you already know how I feel 'bout parents like this. So I am definitely with you on this thought.

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In many cases, yes. And while I don’t mind that sort of game, I do really appreciate that the MC’s parents aren’t doing that. I’m actually very confused why so many players seem to hate the MC’s parents so much.

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They’re not doing it now, if the opportunity presented itself I have no doubt the mother would send you off.

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I prefer to base my evaluations of people on what is actually happening rather than on theoreticals.

Of course, you can hate the situation as much as you want, but it doesn’t make any sense to me to hate your parents specifically, who had nothing to do with your situation, based on what you think they probably would do if they could given statistical analysis of your situation. Not to mention I’m rather certain they actually already can send you off to get married, and chose not to.

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I personally blame the parents for the behavior of the twins. They enable the spoiled brat attitude. They enabled them to treat the MC like less than. Once the threat of rebellion was over because of the birth of the MC, once the honeymoon phase was over, the MC was left ignored to flounder endlessly then they blamed the MC for being this way. While simultaneously ignoring the problems inherent in the golden duo. It’s why I loved the option to tell Mom “why don’t you just have another baby”. It’s a line that felt snarky to me as Mom’s solution to the twins was to have another baby and then ignore said child to favor the twins.


Caise in actuality MC is just like a tool to the it parents, they had MC so their people won’t rebel and kill them all, so the twin boys, the so called heirs won’t be seen as a cosmic curse up on thr kingdom. Other than that they had no certain uae for MC. Whatever you believe or however you understood this story, it was already said so by author.


That is a possibility. I can see how you’d think that. Though, only for Florian, since (at least so far) there’s no indication that Palmer ever joined in on Florian being a jerk.

It seems like, just in general (not just for this game) many readers have a tendency to fill in gaps in the story with what it seems like is probably happening, whereas my tendency is more to assume that if something isn’t mentioned, it did not happen.

Exactly this, once the threat was gone/diminished then the MC was treated as a precious hing for a while to keep the people happy and then was treated less than the heirs.

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I will show them what it means to be royalty! Viva la Rebellion! Or at least a coup to overthrow MC parents and brothers.


Recently I noticed there’s some trend towards medieval style games about royals. A lot of IFs coming out here and Tumblr :thinking: But I haven’t gotten bored with it yet, I like playing royal MC too much xD
I just started reading this one and so far it’s awesome.

What about ROs? :eyes:


It’s funny how there are so many WIP here with Medieval fantasy setting, where either the parents or the siblings (or both) were kinda ass. Plus point if you play as a Royal.

Don’t blame me if the twins fucked the Kingdom, i’m gonna stay the fuck away from y’all lmao.


That was my first thought too playing a female MC. I expected the King and Queen to be planning a marriage alliance especially since F!MC would be their only daughter and their sons basically cover all other fronts.