(WIP) Night at the SPAA


is demo stops here ?

Yep, that’s the last page of the demo.

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I’m hooked so far! Supernatural, crime, and romance will always lure me in!

ok !
great story so far ! i’m hooked !

I like that the MC starts off in an average job. It given them relatability and I don’t mind us being forced into the agency. One thing I don’t really like is the dying immediately after we say no twice. I like what AnneWest suggested where if the MC says no twice they’re taken to a holding cell or something to wait for execution and then we get talked into joining. I’d add that maybe this could be a different route to us meeting the team. If we say yes or say yes after saying no once we get to meet the team normally but if we end up in the holding cell we could maybe meet them there and they’re the ones who talk us into joining. This is just my opinion. I’ve enjoyed what is there so far and look forward to playing more


I didn’t really get that impression, I got the impression that the supernatural community or at least the agency is really wealthy but much like, say, Amazon and Bezos that does not mean it will automatically “trickle down” to the sanitation workers.

If they did offer good pay and great benefits they should perhaps lead with that and in concrete terms the current contract is more like a lottery and the mc didn’t win it since they get placed right back in a low wage cleaning job with far worse conditions than the last one, instead of how it goes down at present, which again makes me think that while the supernatural community as a whole may be wealthy and the agency grossly over-funded that still does not mean the workers on the bottom rung, aka what they forcibly make the mc into stand to truly benefit from any of it.

That current contract is really suspicious since it basically seems to make mc an indentured servant to the agency with no choice or say in their own career path and involuntary labour is never well compensated from conscription to outright slavery there is nothing that depresses wages and the value of labour quite so much as having an officially sanctioned framework for forced labour.

Like I said even the mc being relatively normal should not necessarily mean they should passively accept a shitty lot. Right now I think the highschool job mc starts out with was way better than the one they are forced to do now.


I had to stop by and make sure this IF still existed, after it just randomly crossed my mind lol. And wow!! I actually Forgot I made fan art for it. I’m back to looking forward to the next update. I Hope all is well!!

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Uhh here a question When we die after dont sign, does that mean the end? Or we will become the supernatural? this is going to be good if we die, we become the supernatural.

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At present your just dead.

The end? Alr cool :neutral_face:

Yep unless the author goes a different route thats the end if you choose to stick with not signing.

I really enjoyed this! The pacing and tone are spot-on, and I found playing a down-on-their-luck character was refreshing tbh. Hope to see more of this in the future!

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Hold on before that, is it when in prologue the timeline is 1 month after the first chapter? Like it said after prologue the timeline change to “a month ago”
/i hope that not another character.

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Its up to the author how they want to do it lol i cant really offer you much more than what ive seen and suspect.

To your question though at this time the story is done that MC is dead if you dont sign. You really half to sign if you want to progress with the story which will continue when the author next updates.

At least thats how i see it and is known to me from reading this thread and from having played the wip.

Actually I liked it! It’s been a while since a story here caught my eye :heart:
Idk if this is an error or something with my phone but after the introduction it got stuck

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Oh look, it’s me in the next half hour when I have to get ready for work!

(Disclaimer: I love my job, but waking up early sucks my will to live out of me)


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