(WIP) Daily Life of a Kobold

You Are Kobold! You Are (not) Strong! You Are (not) Smart! You Are (not) Fearsome! Humans, Elves, Orcs and all other races treat you like pest! But you’ll show them! You just have to get out of this prison cell and out this hallway and past the guards and hide from drunkards and escape watch dogs and find a place to stay and find a weapon and get some allies.

BUT THEN… you’ll show them!

This is my first REAL attempt at a Choice Script game. Inspired by Kobold Adventure.



For a starting test, it has potential to grow. Keep on keeping on, and keep on writing!

Here’s some bugs and considerations I’ve found.

Bug 1

Not sure what’s happening here, but it looks like it shouldn’t happen.

Bug 2

Incomplete Sentence


Consideration 1

I would recommend putting an exclamation mark at ‘If you want to’, makes it sound livelier

Consideration 2

I would format it as “Placing a hand on your heart, you thank the gods it was only your reflection!”


I think this would greatly benefit from having a brief synopsis in your post. I was thoroughly confused at my scenario and my species at first.

Gameplay wise it felt very traditional in a sense. Like the old games back in the day where there wasnt much emphasis on character but rather on navigating the levels. Was this your intention?
Congrats on taking your first steps into choicescript though! You can only improve from here.


I am now hoping you can claw your way up with just droves of Kobold soldiers who just overwhelm enemies by sheer numbers to become the king of a Kobold Kingdom

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Shows promise. I can’t wait to read more!

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For inspiration:


Understandable. With the new description and such does it make more sense?

Yea, that was my intention. It was meant more for player immersion than story.

Thank you! This was my first REAL experiment with the code. I hope it was decent.

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Lol. Or Queen, or Ruler. Not sure where the story might head tbh. We’ll have to find out.

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Thank you very much!

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Thanks, but I already have a folder FILLED with kobold pics from all over the internet with so many different types.

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I found typos :

It should be : “…getting desperate…”
and “Once you reached the farmlands, …”

It should be : “a necklace”

It should be written : “your eye”

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“Daily life of a Koblod


You had me at the word Koblod. Very interesting idea and it’s about time the lesser-known races got stories.


Thank you, I’m garbage at spelling and grammar.


It’s interesting can’t wait for more

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