(WIP) Broken Fable [220k Public, Updated 5/7/24]

Yeah, by beating on him while Buddha sealed him midfight.

I do know, they can’t even hit a terrorist group without hitting a civilian group instead 30% of the time and we’re talking about drone strikes, not intercontinental missiles or nuke strikes who generally have a radius of where they can end up measured in miles. Not important when you hit a static base or a city but pretty damn important against a human sized target that move at super speed and can shoot back.

I didn’t assume anything, he did lose the fight.

Not really because you can’t do the same move, which still didn’t disintegrate him or anything on that scale (no, a nuke isn’t anywhere near close launching a mountain at super speed at someone while also launching that someone at the mountain at super speed too) while he can just stomp his foot and flatten half the continent.

It’s not, you keep stating it is without actually saying anything that could even slightly indicate Timur would be stronger without it, because he wouldn’t be.

Yes, because he was sealed during a fight. If he was sealed as a skeleton, it would have been the same.


Let’s agree to disagree then.



That a team consist of unique powers can still best another, even though in 1v1 situations they would easily lose like nothing?

It’s pretty much the story’s central theme, that no matter how op you are compared to modern-day powered people, you cannot stand alone, it’s just a question of if Timur’s gonna lose because of weak mental or gets overpowered.

He’s probably weak mentally tbh but we have to see if that’s true later on but what really will harm Timur in the end is the lack of modern knowledge. Unless Eris can speedrun him on what he missed out on, it’s going to hurt him severely in the long run since we got nukes.

Unless Timur has some kind a power that he has stockpiled up throughout his entire existence, I can’t see him easily tanking a nuke barrage from all countries that has agreed to work together to eliminate him for good.

Love the game! It’s fascinating how you’ve twisted the myths and incorporated them into the story, and the fight scenes are outstanding. Arthur’s power is particularly interesting. A bit of feedback: I felt that the story was somewhat linear, with few choices significantly impacting the story or relationships. However, this might change as the story progresses, and I’m excited to see where it goes!


They aren’t holding back tho they have a top tier healer with them who can grow back limbs in seconds.Atilla prettymuch told everyone to go all out or they would get slaughtered by Arthur not that it made a difference they still got slaughtered so many times the healer and the teleporter are their Mvps.


I mean, you can say they are cheating since healing is OP, but the end result is still Arthur getting wrecked through the power of teamwork.

I’m also sure they aren’t trying to kill you, just that they need to fight back to stand a chance.

The end result was Arthur getting back up stronger than ever before at the end of the demo.Arthur himself said he has never felt more powerful as Excalibur healed him.


Getting back up just for another round of beatdown, there is no way Arthur is beating everyone since that fight wasn’t even close. I am happy to be proven wrong, but that’s definitely what will happen in the new update.

It also proves my point since the reason why Arthur got backed up was because he was pushed into a corner against impossible odds, not even the fight with Alexander was that hard.

Arthur got healed for the first time lol.Atilla has been healed like what three times same for Sumirah Khan lol.They are taking more of a beatdown than Arthur.Before the end of the demo Arthur wasn’t getting healed from Excalibur so idk how you got to that conclusion.A weaker Arthur cut through them like butter they already got like 3 lifelines through healing whereas Arthur got his first heal and is coming back stronger.I think Arthur is doing pretty good in a 1v7(It’s atleast a 1v7 could be more tho).


Everyone would have died without the healer. Pray that Arthur won’t target the healer in the next update. And I believe you have what jjk community says a “reading comprehension curse”. Since Attila themselves said to go all out if they wanna survived.


Dont do our man Jean the Teleporter dirty, he carries just as much, without him Attila would have died before the Praetors even showed up, not to mention I bet the Healer wouldnt have survived Arthus last attack either.

So yeah, the support is literally carrying the entire fight. Cant wait for “Arthur the pissed” seconds Bossphase.


Complete with Bloodborne final boss vibes and a theme song that’s sung in Latin.

The reporters outside of the HQ building must be losing their minds over the fighting that’s been going on


gotta just let this one go, arthur fans built different

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I like how people keep saying nukes but I feel like if you shot Timur with a god killer round it’d do a lot and he probably wouldn’t think to dodge it lacking the information about it assuming he’s not sped up on the new world but then again he can probably just cut the said limb off like Sun Woukong did


Shoot him in the chest :joy::disguised_face::smiling_imp: if not have multiple limbs shot simultaneously by multiple snipers.


True, it’s just going to be funny when the update comes out, this is not the kind of story where you solo everyone lol, thank god for that.

I can understand why the writer doesn’t post here often, we should switch fanbase with choice of rebel 2.


Or spread your focus between half a dozen other WIP’s to keep things fresh. :stuck_out_tongue:

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