Why So late Hosted Games?


Why is so late? :persevere::persevere: Highlands, Deep waters released on sept 28th… :frowning: waiting… waiting… waiting… :sweat::disappointed_relieved::weary::weary::cold_sweat:


What is this even? :confused:


Check the main choice of games page


This has been discussed many times before. I suggest looking up the search function and accepting that all release dates are estimates due to a myriad of reasons.


Wasn’t Highland Deep Waters already released?


I think they (might) mean why it’s not out in their country’s store yet… maybe?

Hey, rohan, if english’s not your first language, feel free to write in what your native language is we probably have someone here who can translated it.


But you already played it didn’t you? I saw you in another thread about the game and it seemed like you already beat it. (I haven’t by the way. I am so bad XD)

Do you mean the dates in general?


Oh I might have misunderstood sorry. I thought he was asking why a new hg game hadn’t been released since deep waters/late according to the hg release list. I thought I’d seen him around the deep water thread too but might be mistaken. Will wait for him to clear up what he’s asking.


Best thing to do. And maybe they’re just angry they missed the sale.