Why don’t authors include a cheat menu?


“Regular” cheater reasons.


It’s perfectly acceptable to mod a game specifically to replace every third word with the phase “tuna fish”.


Yeah. Why not add a cheat section where it does that? The immersion would be incredible!


Hey buds I am new guy played some in Google and it was cool well most of them was and I got curious why author’s don’t include cheat system , it could have been a ton of fun .I guess it makes coding tough for novice writers🤔 i mean those who are in experience in Java script .

Editing, modding...cheating?

…Is there any need? A few games offer easy modes akin to cheating. Zombie exodus safe haven gives you the option of extra skill points and strong backgrounds, the keepler colony gives you different countries to choose from, from next to impossible to laughably easy. Choice of zombies offers an easy background. But if those few examples aren’t enough, and they are the only ones I can think of tbh, if someone is that bothered about cheating they could alter the code quite easily. I’ve read altering the code isn’t too hard, and they could simply change a number, E.G if a choice gives you 10 strength, alter it to 100, simples :slight_smile: . But I would like to see more fun cheats, choice of zombies easy mode was pretty fun and actually added extra content, whereas just changing the code doesn’t, at least not directly.


Honestly, I’m not sure why anybody would want a cheat system. I’ve never really understood the point of cheat systems because, you know… Playing a game is supposed to be hard. When you complete a difficult game, it feels like you’ve accomplished something. When you have a cheat system that gives you unlimited everything, it makes the game ridiculously easy, and to me, that’s not enjoyable.


Lol I played one of the game where u reach the middle and tada u r dead start from the beginning lol can u understand the frustration…

Well to change the original coding is tough especially if it’s like strength =50 and u edit initial with 70 lol best thing is for writers to do it rather then others


Can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve read a lot of people cheat so they can just enjoy the story. Indeed in deus ex: human revolution it even gives you the options:
I want to enjoy the story
I want a challenge
…Or something like that :stuck_out_tongue: I gave it away, couldn’t play it due to my visual imparement :frowning: . But for another example I pretty much just play the Mass effect series for the story, the gameplay is quite good, though with my vision I just spam singularity/throw/lift :stuck_out_tongue: , I mostly just enjoy the character interactions, Kasumi is hands down my fav character, or Jax…one of those two.


The thing is, with ChoiceScript, the gameplay is the story, separating the two is inherently impossible (with the exception of certain Hosted Games).


Hmm, I remember a similar thread.
It’s sometimes immersion breaking and can not be implemented well.


I think part of the reason why people don’t want to do them (besides extra work) is that it pretty much invalidates the point of the whole game/story. You could say that you’re cheating yourself out of the experience.

I think a better way would be difficulty options (this doesn’t fit every game, of course), so that way you can experience the story without worrying much, with the added bonus of appeasing the min-maxers/hardcore players.

I’m planning on adding a cheat system in my WIP that only becomes accessible after you have finished the game once (a NewGame+ mode). You get to play it the way it’s meant to be, and then you can break it after. AND only then would the cheating actually makes sense IN my story. Using the cheats would actually have a negative effect (well, subjectively) on the story that the characters will react to, so I like to think that it’s just another gameplay element.

I’m not sure if I want full control over all (well, most) variables, but probably not as that would probably literally break the game.


That part never really bothered me because, in order to get back to that part of the game, all you have to do is click a few options. It’s not like you have to read the whole thing all over again. :yum:


I remember playing a VN (not a very good one though) with RPG elements where you can choose to skip all the combat/stat test so you can just enjoy the story, basically you passed every test with no problems. Maybe some authors could consider this, not really a thing i would use but i can see the appeal to some people.


Often it’s because it’s story based rather than a pass/end story situation. We put a cheat system into starship adventures and didn’t really get much feedback as to whether anyone really liked the extra coding it took to do that. All of @adrao 's have a difficulty setting if you’re looking for games with that built in.

Apart from base stats (like health, relationship etc) other things can be annoying to code. For example if I set you up with all the objects you can collect that you need to use for tasks in Oedipus Rex, it’ll actually lock you out of the parts of the story where you would normally collect them because the variable says you already have them. It’ll also refer to things you haven’t done in the story because it assumes you’ve collected objects or interacted with people in a certain way, so I’d have to put in extra variables and text to account for that and try not to miss out break anything in the process.


Honestly I love cheats because they allow for whatever options you want for the story

Like let’s say I want to the perfect survivor in zesh, like the epicness of Jesus, the leadership ofRick and some other skills to be awsome. But because I can’t have enough points to make it i just do whatever cahrecter I want

This can be HORRIBLE if there is a certain build or skill will descimate the game like for example the super mind control build in birth of a hero basically lets me be completely untouchable while keeping the same charecter (not dissing the game, love it) resulting in a lackluster game since everyone wants the easiest path and the harder paths require you to focus on stats more than story



So true!! I hate when we have to focus more on stats then story and that happens to me all the time. Then again cheats would ruin the fun of the first playthrough


As people stated, what good are cheats if they take away the story?


Well I agree with the concept of new game + system :thinking: that is actually brilliant way to compensate both parties , those who want a great story and those who want the character to be complete .


We use them to make a story we like more, like how we wanted to have a charecter whose an awsome paragon but we will have to make certain actions to pass a certain event we want but will make us into a renegade


I was thinking cheating in a sense where your character becomes a godlike Mary Sue of sorts, stat boost, extra gold, etc.

But yeah, i can see how it’s frustrating to code some things, some games use personality traits for tests and these kind of stats increase/decrease according to some social choices you make during the game, as for items you could maybe give the items away as the story goes on if they are required to progress it, if they are optional no need to give them i think