Why are the games not coming

I have been eagerly waiting for the games to be released in the app store and today is 30 th March and the games are not here yet more than half of the day is gone I looked everywhere n I m getting no answers can you please help

Quoting the release thread:

Continuing the discussion from Upcoming Hosted Games Releases — 2017: THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL RELEASE DATES. THEY ARE ESTIMATES AT BEST.


Yup see there is a game that was scheduled to release today it says released but it is yet not in the playstore

Not all platforms push releases at the same time of day. It could be that it’s already been released on some other platforms, but others are lagging behind.


Usually at 12pm est they show

Choice of Games is an American company so they releases their games based on their timezone, not Europe, Asia or Australia. If a game was scheduled to release at 12PM their time then it will be available for Europe at 6-8PM, while Australians will probably only see it in the “next” day. Its also important to notice that Jacic’s quote stated the dates are merely ESTIMATIONS, so you’d do well to take them with a grain of salt from now on.


It’s always safe to assume that Steam will be one of the last to get around to it, sadly for us desktop dinosaurs. :expressionless:
So, yeah, what everybody else has said, take those estimates with a big grain of salt.


Eagles Heir is on app store.

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…Should be one hour and change before it releases on Steam. In America, anyway.

Yup just finished the playthrough of eagles heir thanks for helping me n btw awesome game .(don’t want to give any spoilers) truly everyone should read it that being said it is not the best choice of games I have read till yet

I yep i was also expecting it to release by now at least played eagle hair at least 2 times already and rest are not yet uploaded​ to play store server …keep waiting it will come sooner …