Upcoming Hosted Games Releases — 2017



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Evertree Inn by @ThomB: Released January 20th.
Spacing Out by @Mayday: Released March 3rd.
The Great Tournament by @Jerieth: Released March 3rd.
The Lost Heir 3: Demon War by @Lucid: Released March 17th.
Life of a Wizard and Life of a Mobster released on Steam March 17th.
The Daily Blackmail by @Mary_Duffy Released April 14th.
Paradigm City: by @Rhodeworks Released April 14th.
Treasure of the Forgotten City: Released June 1st.
My Day Off Work by @distracteddad: Released July 14th.
The Spy and the Labyrinth by @LewisM: Released July 27th.
Diamant Rose by @Goshman: Released August 10th.
The Dryad’s Riddle by @Avery_Moore: Released August 18th.
Knight of the Fellowship by @Mayday: Released August 18th.
Lost In The Pages by a collection of authors: Released September 14th.
Highlands, Deep Waters by @MahatmaDagon: Released September 28th.
Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 by @MultipleChoice: Released December 1st.
Foundation of Nightmares by @Samuel_H_Young: Released December 12th.

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Because someone asked me, to clarify: Hosted Games go on this list once they enter the publishing queue, meaning once we’ve received a full copy of the game. HG WIPs won’t show up on this list.

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Lost In The Pages (Formerly Uncle Irwin's Bookshop) - Last public version is up now
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The Lost Heir Trilogy
The Lost Heir Trilogy