Why isn't Orpheus Rise on the Hosted Games menu?


I thought Orpheus Ruse was a Choice of Game, not a Hosted Game.

Either way I’m not sure why it’s not up on the site yet. Maybe they’re having some technical issues? There’s been no blog announcement for it either.

Maybe it’s up on the store?

Ooh my first comment.

It is in the store, and it is in the CoG label, but I guess it takes time to put it up on the website’s menu and send out announcements (which is a shame because the first week is critical, and because of those delays it’s not getting the publicity it should)

Is it out on iOS? If not, then maybe they’re waiting until Apple makes it available before they put it up.

Yes it is on the Apple store

A blog announcement has been sent and a menu option has been made for The ORPHEUS Ruse!