Who was the vampire you enjoyed playing as the most?

Basically the vampire you created that was your favorite. I’m sure most of us have played at least one of if not both of the games more than once, and I was just curious. I have played COV (the first) so much I can set my character up with the best possible stats for certain origins. I’ll even give you mine:

Name: Ezio Auditore (yes after Assassin’s Creed)

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bi

By the end of COV2 I ended with these stats:

Origins: Thanks to the yearly subsidies from the Spanish Viceroy his Isleno family was just wealthy enough to allow him to pursue his aesthetic goals.

Literate? Yes

Languages: Spanish, English

Agility: 3

Charm: 2

Intelligence: 3

Strength: 2

Willpower: 2

Creation: 1

Fighting: 3

Lore: 2

Perception: 2

Shapeshifting: 0

Stealth: 3

Status: 2

Streetwise: 4

Technology: 1

Adaption: 67%

Callousness: 56%

Independence 34%

Rationalism: 53%

Jesse and Ezio had enough of a relationship to have the make out scene during the second one.

Estefania was close due to the origins we share. We got along so well that in the first one we made out in the first one.

My Dominus is proud to number me in his offspring.

I couldn’t subdue the dude in the second COV. (haven’t ever been able to figure it out. Is there a way to do it?)

I ended with possession of all my limbs and faculties.

I was in a relationship with Silas and rampaged when I got the news of his death. I killed Clotho when my vampire “realized this had gone to far”.

I fed from General Forest.

I’m not entirely sure who was my favourite. Often I just used characters from things I liked. I didn’t get attached to them and I do not remember their stats.

However I shall go back and play the first CoV 3 times (Not old enough for bank account to purchase online) with different characters and see which one I liked best.

My favourite was a one where I got 7 charm (glitch.) for no reason.

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Mine was a southern belle named Cora Foster who desperately loved Jesse. :slight_smile: The dominus was Villanueva. Favorite prey: soldiers. :smiley:

Name: Adelia Black
Gender: Female

I ended COV2 with these stats:

Literate: Yes
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Latin

Agility: 3

Charm: 4

Intelligence: 3

Strength: 4

Willpower: 2

Creation: 3

Fighting: 1

Lore: 3

Perception: 1

Shapeshifting: 0

Stealth: 2

Status: 4

Streetwise: 1

Technology: 0

Adaptation: 78%

Callousness: 64%

Independence: 47%

Realism: 87%

Adelia is more interested in gaining political allies than romance, but she found herself romantically involved with Silas Hope before his untimely demise. She composed a ballad in an attempt to put her longing for him into words.

When Jesse arrived in Memphis for the gathering of Senators, Adelia purposed a meeting with him. Though she had no intentions at the begining of the outing, it turned into a romantic date. They kissed over the cooling corpse of their meal.

Adelia was an influential party in the caucus to chose the Senator of Memphis. She is a staunch supporter of Stone’s Revolution, and was able to subtly put her support behind Malloy. This gained favor of Senator Bailey of St. Louis, whom Adelia had corresponded with regularly before the Caucus. Through careful observation, Adelia was able to discover the perfidy that was occuring between Quaestor Harding and Senator Lockridge.

After the Senators decided not to elect a Senator for Memphis, Adelia was able to track down Wilson. She held him in her supernatural gaze while her manservant, Franklin, struck him from behind. Once caught, Adelia put a stake into the heart of the anarchist and shipped him back to Withers to punish as she saw fit, a gesture that was much appreciated by her.

After catching Wilson, Adelia returned to Carothers’ home to inform him. Despite the fact that Adelia had done her best to stay on the Quaestor’s good side (discovering the perfidy, gathering the ‘refreshments’ not once but TWICE, though the first time was in exchange for a debt, arranging the party for the guest vamps, finding his human daughter and reuniting them, not selling a small part of my municipal bonds, THE LIST GOES ON) he thought to banish her from the city. However, Adelia is nothing if not cunning, and she forced him to make good on his debt to her, and he taught her the finer points of Strength.

After her departure of Memphis, Adelia contacted several Senators. The first to respond was Senator John Bailey, all but pleading for her to take up residency in his city of St. Louis. He mentioned that there were many supporters of Stone’s Revolution that resided there, and so she decided that was as good of a place as any to make her new haven.

Easily my best play, hands down. It was so much fun and I can’t wait for the third installment!

@VampireSleekSalvore: you can definitely subdue Wilson/Gallagher. If you have Charm 4, you can "hold him with [your] gaze while Franklin knocks him unconscious. If you have Lore 3, then you get the option of using a stake to paralyze him for shipping back to Memphis/Vicksburg, rather than killing him or turning him over to Carothers. You can also subdue W/G with high fighting stats, but I can’t remember the exact combination that worked.