Who is The Trenchcoat


Anyone got good detective names


Oh, for a second I thought, by the title, it was about a school shooting.


Nope just dumb detectives whos friends with a cloths themed vigilante


Wow, that is much better than what I assumed.


I have no idea how to use choicescript. Does anyone know what to do first. I looked around the files and i think i learned less about it.



Thank you. You will get the honor of getting your very own character in the game if you want


Only if you name them “Dash Orange”. No that is not a hero name :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you explain what you mean


First name Dash

Last name Orange


(Rolls eyes) well thank you for explaining


Why is choicescript so hard😞 all i wanna do is make a free choose your own adventure game for all to play😢 if only there was a program that helped with coding and stuff. Or atleast getting explaind more simply


I need a co author or something who can handle coding or explain slowly and simply and i can write the story and stuff😀


Coders are pretty difficult to come by, so try this instead:


Soooooooo… I only have google chrome and choicescript doesn’t work on it sooooo… Yeah


Can’t you download firefox? :confused:


How do you downliad firefox


Short version: Google “firefox”, click the site, click the download button. There should be more detailed instructions on that site itself, if necessary.


You could try textadventuresco.uk. No coding required, and you can still put it up on here. Also, I’d be interested as a co-author.


Well first id have to put you through an extensive screenig process… Just kidding your hired