Who is The Trenchcoat

In this game(not yet) you take the role of a not to bright detective in search of a vigilante known as (serious voice) The Trenchcoat . But little do you know that your best friend (happy voice) The Trenchcoat is (serious) The Trenchcoat. Along the way you will be faced with eviiiilll villains such as the penguin coat and killer crocs(those werid sandal things) and worse of all… The sweater. Im still trying to figure out choicescript


Does this particular vigilante go around flashing criminals or something? XD


… No hes a super hero who wears a TrencTrenchcoat yet somehow no one knows that his civilian alter ego (happy) Trenchcoat is him

Is his sidekick the Fedora?

the sidekick wearing a Fedora.


I need to write that down


I sidekick a streaker wearing a fedora?

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(Annoyed sigh) No… Just no no one is a streaker. Your a not so smart detective… The mc i mean not you

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Considers hard
…the vigilante is your friend, dumb detective and a lot of clothed themed villains eh? Sounds like Strictly come dancing…
people stare at her
*sweat drops
Probably not then…

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Swear I read the premise and thought I was still asleep because it’s just so strange.

They are known as the nice guy

I dont know what that is

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Anyone got good detective names

Oh, for a second I thought, by the title, it was about a school shooting.

Nope just dumb detectives whos friends with a cloths themed vigilante

Wow, that is much better than what I assumed.

I have no idea how to use choicescript. Does anyone know what to do first. I looked around the files and i think i learned less about it.


Thank you. You will get the honor of getting your very own character in the game if you want

Only if you name them “Dash Orange”. No that is not a hero name :stuck_out_tongue: