Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

I forgot the name but it was the one where half the story was about wthchunters and the other half was about being a cybernetic slave in the future I loved the idea for and the execution so would love to see that game come back.

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please @Tool comeback!!

@TwoSharp Wow, I just found out today that you still plan on working on For Peace We Die and I have to say I’m super thrilled! For Peace We Die was one of the first WIP games I ever played on this site and I found the game really great :grinning: .


I’d bring back @Arcania’s The Royal Legacy The Royal Legacy (New Poll on post #1466) (Hiatus)

The idea of playing as the ruler of a small state in a warring empire had a lot of potential. The writing was quite good too.


where are you, @wraith ?!!!


Seeing as the creator of this hasn’t come on the forums for over three months, the chance of it coming back from the grave isn’t looking so good:

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Hey sorry, I’ve been pretty MIA. Still working on it, slow as it may be. Making slow progress.


does anyone know what happened to the Aegis Saga WIP? I thought it was going to be published some time this year?

Nest of Snakes by @OrigamiPencil is also one I’d like to read again. :slight_smile:

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There are quite a few I would bring back. Children of Iseir (throwback Thursday, lol.) I’m not usually a fan of games that start the MC off at birth or babyhood, as I think those sequences are generally exposition-heavy and rarely furthers the plot. Children of Iseir made me invested in watching the MC grow from an hour-old newborn. Despite the length of the WIP, it never once felt plodding to me.

The other is When In Rome, which makes the life of a Roman citizen interesting even to those who consider Roman history to be boring (like me lmao.) The depth of choices were fantastic, and being able to pursue different, yet fully-fleshed out careers (from poet to prostitute) felt just downright awesome.

Finally, I really loved Resonance, by @CS_Closet. Short, but it actively questioned the MC’s significance to the plot (Why are you so special and important? What does the Emperor want with you?) and the mystery of that kept me wanting more.


Honestly? I’d settle for being able to play the demos for Eight Thrones and Aeon Sage again. What little you got of both games was a wild ride from start to finish.

Also, The Future of Aliciaa was cut short very recently in a very tragic way. I wish I could fix people’s computers from far away with my mind.


A really cool author that has amazing writing ability is @Wraith. I have no idea if they still come around here anymore, but I’d really like to see From Ashes We Rise to be completed. They’re also writing another story, Second Chances, that I haven’t read that looks really good. I highly recommend these stories even though they haven’t been updated in a while as far as I know.


Careful about pinging Wraith there. They’re still fairly active as a lurker, though they haven’t posted in a while due to likely understandable reasons.

I forgot the name but you were a soldier in a spaceship and a crew finds you and one of the members gives you a name

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That’s @Cecilia_Rosewood’s old game, “empty shell”. Sadly she discontinued that.

Mine is, as always, either Vendetta or the Myrmidon, fortunately neither of them are officially dead and their authors still semi-regularly visit the forums.

I fondly remember “Second Chances” as well.


That’s too bad. Guess I’ll just have to keep imagining an ending for my mc and the other characters

Well, to be honest I forget most of my old favorite wip. Ther was monsters of new heaven, something about monsters in rome, some cool urban fantasy and many more… you shouldn’t lose hope tho:

A new year.

Another day I look longfully at the dead thread of From Ashes We Rise.


Man I miss going full out Jason Todd in FAWR…


Anyone remember Death Reapers Contract from the before times? Even if it was because the author got a better deal…

Though I don’t think it’s officially dead, For Peace We Die.

Beast Within I liked the idea of being my own spliced together animal and Smiles are Dead


definitely nest of snakes. i’m still holding out hope it’s not completely dead, though.