Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

Oops my bad. Sorry about that.

The The Sun Chasers (WIP) - Demo Updated 7 May by Elery. I found the plot to be quite fleshed out, and the buildup to be interesting. There hasn’t been any official news from her in the thread, if the WIP was going to be continued or not before the thread was closed, however, she did say that she was working on flavouring up previous chapters.


I remember playing this game,and was pretty pleased with it

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Guenevere, Monster High and Monsters, all of them were fun to play and had good potential


What’s Monster High? Never seen a game by that name. Do you perhaps mean Monsters of New Haven High?


The Unwanted Warrior! :pensive: I know what happened wasn’t NutellaQueen’s fault, and this is an unpopular opinion, but I just liked it way better than The Sword of Rhivenia.

Regrets of the Traitor would be another one I’d bring back.


Regrets of the Traitor is here Regrets of the Traitor: Book One by Rotten_games


Holy shit, it’s not dead?!? (O_O)/ I had no idea, thank you so much!!

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Im curious, its Grave of Heirs still alive or abandoned?

You mean The Graves of Heirs? Seems the author is still working on it. Their blog - https://gravesofheirscog.tumblr.com/


What of Ultimata?

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:no_good_woman: there is only old closed thread here. So I guess dead WIP.

Last I saw author is writing again with new ideas for ultimata

As I explained in my last post on Ultimata’s thread before I asked the Moderators to close it for good, yes I’m still working on Ultimata. So you don’t have to worry, I didn’t abandoned Ultimata.

However, I can’t really say when I will be able to post something new regarding Ultimata, since I don’t want to rush things. Additionaly there is also the fact that I had to start basically from scratch (which I also explained in that mentioned post). Basically what I’m trying to say is that while I’m still working on Ultimata it might still take a while before you see anything new about it and I hope you won’t mind the additional wait.


Guinevere for sure. It’s been in production for some time now but I know the author hasn’t abandoned it at least. I just REALLY want more. I need more Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot romance!


deep breath Time to practice my necromancy. It’s gonna take some pretty powerful magic, but I’ll start the incantations. :wink:


Not sure if it’s the right topic but does someone have a link to “buried lies” blog on tumblr because the one that is on the forum lead to the empty page?

What title?

Seems to me that tumblr just doesn’t exist anymore. Probably abandoned.

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I’ve just stumbled on Monsters by Shawn Reed and that was an absolutely beautiful read. I really, really hope that author will bring it back from the dead. I’d pay for that.