Which one should I go with first?

Alright. I’m going to see if I can push Minecraft and Youtube out of the way enough for me to start writing. The only thing is, I actually have 4 ideas. I’m going to do all of them (probably) eventually, but which one should i go with first? Oh, and I won’t be using ChoiceScript (for a good reason), instead, the games will be on this website:

Now, here are the stories:

  1. Death Note-A Single Sheet

Yeah, yeah. It’s not original. But there is a fairly large fan fiction section on the site. Some of it is brilliant. Others…not so much. In any case, this one is about an American who finds one sheet of a Death Note, and the character can be a student, a young adult (no, not a teen; there’s a difference), or a political canidate. Here is an excerpt (oh, this is the one of the two I’ve done the most work on):

Hmph. It’s on someone else’s lawn, so it’s their problem. Or maybe you simply don’t care. Either way, you continue on your way home. As you pass the piece of paper, you see that it is blank, with only some powdered dirt scattered on it. Another interesting trait is that one of the long sides of the paper is ridged; it looks like it was torn from a book of some sort. And why couldn’t I be this observant when I taking that math test? You blow a puff of air through your mouth, and breath in a long stream of air.

“I’m home!” you call.

“Shhh!”, your father hisses from his seat in the living room. You cringe. Since your baby sister’s birth four months ago, you have gotten used to keeping your voice down when you arrive from school. Even so, the subconscious reminder occasionally slips your mind. You remove your shoes, and tiptoe to the living room. Your father, tall, wiry, clean-shaven, and cradling your sister, sits on the couch, facing the flat screen.

…are still puzzled as to a reason behind these criminals’ deaths. Could it be the work of some type of disease? Or is some unnatural force at work? One thing is for sure: in the Kanto reigon of Japan, no criminal is safe. In other news, a new McDonalds in San Fransisco was blown up with a vinegar-infused broomstick by a man wearing a sombrero and a mime suit…

He turns his gaze from the television towards you. “Welcome home,” he says. “How was school?”

“I had an off day,” you sigh, sitting next to your cat, Annie Bell, who purrs as you scratch her throat.

“Again?” your father chuckles.

“Where’s Leonard and Michael?” you ask, quickly changing the subject.

“Your brothers are in their room. They told me to tell you that they ‘need a favor’. My guess is that they want you to put another grape on your head.” Your father grins at his little joke.

“Don’t remind me,” you grumble, remembering the day that your brothers read “The Legend of William Tell”. Your brothers believe apples are only meant for eating, so they used a grape instead. Unfortunatly, a grape is a lot harder to hit with a spring-loaded BB gun than an apple is.

“Oh. I almost forgot,” your father says.“Your mother needs you to deliver her second suit to the Station.” He nods to a police jacket hanging on the doorknob. “She spilled coffee on the other one.”

You think about it. You just got home, and you’re feeling a bit tired. On the other hand, your mother has been busy with homiside cases lately, and she has had to sleep at the Station, leaving her worried about the conditions at home. Your visit might ease her worries. But Leonard or Michael could just as easily do that for you. Of course, they might want you to do their “favor”.

•Go to your room to rest
•Take the jacket to the Station
•Ask your brothers to do it
2. Foxfire

I don’t know if any of you have heard of this, but this used to be the first chapter of a manga/app/CHOA that was abandoned, and taken off the app store. Looking at the reviews, it seemed to be very popular, but many were upset that it wasn’t continued. I was one of those people. Since it’s off the app store, I’ve given up on the original creators and have decided to make my own version. I barely remember anything from the chapter, but I have the basic ideas, as well as some ideas to what would happen. It is about a teenage girl who remembers nothing before a younger age. She has been raised by her grandmother, and is stalked by a mysterious organization.

  1. The Deal of the Proud

I actually came up with the idea with this quite recently. Here is the discription:

You play as Gaunba Chida (Gawn-bah Jee-dah), a very arrogant young man with the skills to back up his boasts. He travels the world, carring cards called Urubna (Oo-roob-nah), which can do many things, from removing all the impurities in gold to summoning forth a lightning bolt to creating armor. But what exactly is Gaunba’s intention? Why is he asking the citizens of Zud so many questions? And when the heck is that lady going to bake that cake? You may just find out the answers…in The Deal of the Proud…

  1. The Equine: Bridle

This is the second of the games that have been worked on the most. It has a dark tone, and features a man who has been in hiding, waiting for a moment when he can bring down an oppressive government. Here is an excerpt:

Now is the best of times, now is the worst of times. No. It’s just the worst. At least until another day rolls aroud. Then Warn becomes more foolish and corrupted, the Proper kill or imprison another twenty or so civilians, and the Shining Embrace (or, as the people in the inner part of the country call it, the Venus Trap) becomes even more attractive, if that’s even possible.

I hear a scream from outside my apartment window. It looks like it was kept together by glue and tape. The apartment, I mean. Two more screams fire out. I don’t need to use my eyes to see what happens next. It is always the same basic idea. I hear someone curse, followed by a quick 3-round shot of a Proper Standard Neutralizer, and then the familliar sound of flesh hitting concrete. Yet another scream sounds, this one more like a cry. There is the sound of someone running…about four steps. Then I hear the blood splurt out of a body as the butt of a rifle connects with it. A gruff voice mutters, “The friggin’ sign says ‘don’t step on the grass’, you idiots.” The Proper sighs when he finds that the “rebels” have no money. What did he expect? A diamond? Hmph. This is always how it goes. Someone screams. A Proper yells/curses/laughs. That someone tries to excape, or fight. Either way, the Proper kills the someone. The Proper says something under his/her breath. Or laughs. The Proper searches the body for something worth a nickel. Or shoots/hits the corpse, usually if he/she can’t find anything. See? It’s pretty simple. I should know.

I used to stop those attacks every day.

And that’s all of them! Thanks for taking the time to look at this!


I thought number 4 would be about a horse. A super horse. Like in that movie about World War 1.

I’d be the most interested in 3 or 4.

@Shoelip You mean War Horse? Havn’t seen it, but I’ve heard it’s pretty good. The Equine is actually going to have three points of view: The Equine, the Proper, and the Citizen

Ease off on the post comment button man… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s the movie I was talking about. Why is the guy called “The Equine”?

@Shoelip That’s the name of the rebellion group.

Oh, ok. Well same question.

4 or 1

1 is interesting, but i would go with 4. I think that you just have more possibilities with that one. Because almost everyone knows Death Note, and that’s make it a bit less unique. Same goes for the continuations of the story. With forth one you can make infinite prequels en sequels.