Closed Poll: Which of the following would you be more interested to see as a choicescript work?

  • A horror-genre like story with multiple characters, but a bit of a railroaded decisions
  • A horror-themed like story that is based off all sorts of old fairy tales and each beginning choice influences what way the story leads and who the villain is
  • A magical college of sorts that introduces ten different kinds of magic (like using cards, wands, weapons, ect) but is connected to another set of media
  • Post-apocalyptic fantasy story (so think fantasyland, but after the apocalypse the typical big bad has always wanted has occurred)

I was thinking of practicing with choicescript, since working on my rpg maker game was taking entirely too long. Plus, I love writing and have had a few plot bunnies lying around I think would make nice choicescript games. Would love to hear any personal opinions on what you think would be nice to have!

To note, the card magic is like Yu-Gi-Oh, wands like Harry Potter, weapon magic like Madoka Magica, ect. Just for examples. And the different media mentioned is this comic I’ve been boredly drawing for a couple years now.

And what I mean in the second option is that you’ll be given a set of small choices like “What was your favorite Fairy tale that balblah used to say” and whatnot. Those will lead into the main branching storylines. Like if there was Red Riding Hood, the villain would be a wolf-theme of sorts and the main reason the PC is on their journey is to visit someone close to them, ect. Of course, it’d branch off a loooot more since Grimm tale fantasy kitchen sink, but just as basis…

I really like the sound of two and three.:slight_smile:

All of these sound interesting, particularly the first and fourth.

I like anything with horror.

1st and 5th option both sound promising, but I picked the 5th because ‘horror’ by itself is vague enough for people to think about mainstream horror movies which are crap for the most part.

Options #1, #2, and #4 intrigue me the most.
I’m a sucker for horror stories, so I’mma put in for #2.

Though, just for clarification…
Option #2 is horror-themed, so does that mean that Option #2 would borrow themes from the horror genre without necessarily being a horror story in itself?

Crud, my brain is starting to melt here… :persevere:

Ah yeah, Option 2 would have a lot of darker, horror-like themes to it. It wouldn’t be outright horror, truth be told. I mean, the Grimm tales were some scary stories (there were meant to scare kids into being safe, actually), but they aren’t horror. And sorry for melting your brain, ahahah :sweat_smile:

i was a fan of yu gi oh back then in my’s 13/14 years old :smile: so id vote for it, if u want i can give you a idea for a fantasy theme type game :wink:

It’s like:

“Oh, boy! Horror Stories!”

"But wait..."

“Horror Genre… Horror-Themed…?”

"Horror-Themed ≠ Horror Story?"

“But Horror Genre = Horror Story?”


"So, Horror-Story ≠ Horror-Themed but = Horror-Genre so Horror-Theme = Horror but no Story but Genre > Themes and Themes < Story but Genre > Story but Horror > Genre and -"

Option #2 it is. :neutral_face:

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