Which CoG games have significant mid-game branching?

I’ve been playing a bunch of CoG titles, but I’ve only been doing one playthrough for each.

I’d love to go back later and try out different paths in different games. But since I’ve only done one playthrough, it’s hard to know which ones allow really different paths.

Which games have you played that branch a lot? I know Choice of Robots has entirely different chapters depending on your choices. What other games have very different content in the midgame?


I can think of 2 of the ones that I’ve read more than once. The first is the great tournament 2, which has an entirely different story depending on how things went in the first one. The second is a Study in Steampunk: choice by Gaslight, where things split off into three separate directions for the last few chapters.


Do you mean branch into different endings or just different branches within the game? Like I play WAYHAVEN atleast 5 times per book per the romances…the main storyline may be similar but the romances are so different it is worth the extra plays. I can name several romance games that are like this (any game with different ro’s that is well written, i play every ro route…more than once if I really enjoy it) But if you are talking sep path endings not having to Nec do with romance, Demon Recollect and Grim and I come to mind (though I do love their romance paths best)


Blood Money includes a lot of branching in the form of conflicting demands on your time that make you choose what scenarios you want to do.

Death Collector is really interesting in that it has a number of branches you pick between, most of which are almost identical, but one of which is a completely different scenario that takes place from the midgame on and is very different. I remember being frustrated by how linear it was till I did some code diving and realized I missed what is basically another 1/2 of the game. (Heroes of Myth has a similar thing, but it’s at the end as a hidden “bad” ending instead of being in the middle).


Choice of Rebels branches significantly. Choice of Magics can be pretty wildly different depending on what disciplines and individual choices you followed too.


HG rather than CoG, but A Study in Steampunk has major branching and is a masterclass in each branch illuminating others so there’s very much a sense of getting a full picture by playing all of them - while each is a great story in its own right. I have no idea how it was done in the wordcount!


Choice of Magics does a similar thing as Choice of Robots, where there are multiple late-game chapters, each associated with a particular key stat. Both games are by Kevin Gold so.


I think:

The Zombie Exodus Series
Tin Star


Both Tally Ho and Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale are very branchy — at some points in the narrative you basically get to choose which adventure you want to go on and see completely different scenes depending on whether you’re doing X or Y.

There’s lots of other games that I love to replay to see the different outcomes possible, but I don’t know if they are really that branchy when it comes to the main plot. :thinking: If HGs count, then I’d definitely say The Parenting Simulator, if you choose to randomize events you can have wildly different experiences in different playthroughs, as the vignettes themselves change.


Branches within the game, so your answer is very helpful!

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Choice of Robots is one with significant branching, especially in the last third of the game, where I think there are four different ending scenarios, each really distinct from the other, but all rooted on the robot’s personal stats, so all of them rooted in the MC’s choices over the course of the story. It’s been a while since I’ve read through it, but I’ve found each different branch to be very rewarding in its own right, if you’re thinking of going through the story more than once.

I’m also seconding the recommendation of A Study in Steampunk, a game that goes on a slightly similar direction to Robots in the late-game different-chapter-branching.


Lords of Aswick has a secret mid game branch, however it requires you to have faith.

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