Where on the Forum do I put this?

I’m wondering where I can put this idea. I have a kind of fleshed out idea, and would like to discuss it with the community. However, because I do not have a computer at the moment, and believe myself too incapable of typing out the entire thing on my phone, I cannot begin work on it and start properly advertising it with a proper thread because I’d rather have my idea designed more, along with a tangible demo, before I start trying to generate hype. So where could I discuss it and possibly get help developing the concepts and cast, if you don’t mind me asking?

For concepts go to work in progress and some forum members might help flesh it out. (Me included)

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Thank you. Would Professional Services be helping more with the concept development or the script writing?

Having someone write a script with you is more prifessional service so ya.

And btw are you sure you need help with concept creation/script writing.
A good portion of forum members are writers and might give you some good pointers/ideas
And if you just put down the concept n works in progress some.people.might give some inspiration.
(Just my opinion you don’t really have to listen)

Turning a concept into a coded game is a Professional Service so much in demand and so little in supply that there’s a forum rule against asking for coders/programmers.

Once you’ve fleshed out your concept (on a WiP thread, as faewkless suggests) you can check whether anyone has advertised as a coder under Prof Svcs and send them a private message if so. But as ever, we’d recommend finding a way to write it yourself…

Whoops. Sorry, I ended up writing out the forum post and putting it in WIP, meant to copy it and post it when I checked your responses. Unfortunately, I am very daft headed and am easily distracted so I forgot to check. I’ll see to putting it in the right category presently. Or wait, I meant script writing as in programming, sorry if that was unclear.
And your opinions are valued, appreciated, and welcomed by me!

Okay, so I was right to put it in WIP. I plan on doing the script myself, if only to save time and get some experience.

The work is under The Prison Escape.