Where do I start?

I have downloaded the zip file and unzipped it, its very confusing as to what to do and where to start. There are all these files and folders. I have read the tutorial but I don’t understand what it is I an supposed to do, is there a visual interface or is it all done via code?

First find the web folder and open that then go to mygame and open that
There you will find mygame.js that’s where you will edit scene names and add or remove scenes
Double clicking on the index.html file lets you test your game.

but the scenes folder is where the code for your game goes. You just type the code in any writing program.

(but i recommend notepad ++)

any questions?

That depends entirely on how much you personally know, and what you personally, want to do.

Start by looking at the example package.
Open the index.html file in a browser (not chrome) and then open startup.txt and animal.txt within the scene files. Try to see how the scene files correlate with the game transition.

Development is entirely scripted.

thank you