Where can someone find people to give feedback on a non-COG WIP game/


I’m working on a visual novel at the moment, and though I’m not at the point to actually start needing people to give me feedback/report bugs/ect, I’m not sure where I can find people once the time does come. Because it’s not similar enough to a COG style game (pre-established character, choices are for a fairly linear timeline, ect) I’m not sure if I can find willing people here, but I also don’t know of many text-based-game forums, so I’m stuck.


When the time comes just take the plunge and you’ll see how many people are interested soon enough. Just make sure you’ve got a good explanation of the game and some pictures. There are plenty of people around here who are fond of visual novels.

(Just take a look at the ‘Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem’ thread for reference.)


There is of course places like the lemmasoft forums too, if you’re using ren’py (or anything VN really): https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/


I’ll help, if I can :slight_smile:


Seconding lemmasoft as a good place to find feedback for visual novels.