Where can i quicktest and randomtest on mobile?

Hi guys. So i noticed there were a things to do quicktest and randomtest on the submissions forms on choiceofgames.com but since the submission page have been changed to email, i can’t find the quicktest and randomtest. If you guys can point me in the right direction preferably on mobile that would help me a lot.

Did you design your game entirely on mobile or on your desktop? Those are two tests that come with the base Choicescript files. Not sure how to run them on mobile, but if you’re working on desktop then this guide can help you:

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Well i wrote the whole gamebook on mobile.

I don’t believe quick/randomtest currently work on mobile, due to new host emulation required that can not be easily accessed on phones.

You can try though. With any file manager locate your choicescript folder and open quicktest.html (in the root of that folder) with a browser.


OK i’m gonna try that.

You can’t I stopped using Choicescript due to that problem when my pc was stolen. You can’t test, so that makes totally impossible except you have your own server or now enough javascript to design one

Yeah i can’t XD. But, i have another question quicktest and randomdtest are one of the requirement to be published on HG, but is it mandatory like you can’t be publish if you don’t run them?

Correct. If you can’t debug your own game, then we can’t publish it.


@Mary_Duffy What do you mean by “If you can’t debug your own game” testing it manually or using the randomtest/Quicktest?

Also, doesn’t CSIDE points out error on a files uploaded there?

Debugging is the process of identifying and fixing bugs in your game (troubleshooting).

And while CSIDE has its own mini-quicktest, it’s not officially supported by CoG/HG. The program also has its own kinks, so I won’t rely fully on it.


@Szaal But does manually testing and using CSIDE count as debug my own game? Will it be even valid for publishing in the eyes of COG?

I’m speaking for a short gamebook. Not a long and overly branchy

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No, manually testing is not sufficient.

CSIDE is not made or supported by COG. Whatever CSIDE does or doesn’t do doesn’t bear upon the question.


As a confirmation, i can’t randomtest/Quicktest on mobile at the moment?

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No, you can’t except you make your own server or have knowledge in the matter believe I tried a million times

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OK. Thanks for responding guys.