Testing on PC only

Is PC the only platform games are currently able to be tested on? By that I mean, when running the mygame index to go through the choices, is this only possible via browser?

I’m not the definitive source on this, but I’m fairly sure quicktest and randomtest will only work through a browser - there’s no app for them.

I have successfully run the compiled game (not index.html, but the file you get after running compile.html) on various non-PC devices. Testing on PC is still best for quick repeated changes though.

Virtually anything that can access a normal internet page can run (and therefor test) ChoiceScript. It is possible that some configurations may produce strange results, but there’s generally a work around. For example, the common problem of not being able to locally run on Chrome can be worked around by uploading the game somewhere private and running it over the internet. If you have a specific problem or situation, you’ll need to ask a specific question though.

I don’t know about Quicktest and Randomtest, last time I used them it was still only through command prompt.

No problem. This was essentially what I was asking for.