What's your favorite game from the game ideas for authors thread

Currently In editing check comment 60 for the main idea of this

Is there any way you could provide a bit more information?


You might want to add a little more sizzle to that steak there, bucko…


Is this based on the “Average Joe” idea? You might struggle to get people to take on ideas that arent their own.

Unfortunately most people struggle to write the stories they’ve already got planned, let alone someone elses story.


With all due respect, you are not the community. So unless you’ve got more people backing you up the title of this topic is quite misleading.

If this is an idea for a co-op project, that’s fine, but know that there’s already one in the works at the moment.

So if it’s something like that, you’ve got some competition :wink:


I think I get it, but I’m not sure what you mean. Those game ideas are already up for grabs. If someone wanted to write one, they could just do so, from what I understand.

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Well someone open a window because it’s about to get very heated

So it is some sort of co-op project after all? That would be awesome :smirk: Just know that something like that is pretty difficult to organize, especially if you haven’t got a pretty clearly outlined plan of approach. (Things can get pretty chaotic if people don’t know what’s expected of them and what rules and guidelines to follow.)

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Alright so leave your most favorite idea from the other tread and we shall see who the winner is.

Also would it be fair if the community voted on there favorite author to write because some might not want to do it others are too busy. Advice

But the chances are so slim because are you going to right now go and get an idea and write about. I would think not

I… quite frankly still don’t really know what you’re actually trying to do here, but if you’re trying to motivate aspiring writers to go and write something this is probably not the best approach. Especially since Lordirish’s 4th annual CS-comp is right around the corner (and that one’s got actual prizes to motivate people). Of course if I’m misinterpreting things, feel free to enlighten me.


Are you kidding me? I’ve got tons of ideas I need to put to paper.

I know there was a great quote from @Maxmansung or someone, but I can’t find it…

Also, I already have three WiP’s, two of which I really need to update.

Was that too accusative?

See people don’t like doing the grunt work with other people’s ideas basically also what are the three you have in progress thought you only had one

I know, I’m so excited! :confetti_ball:

… was that sarcastic? :wink:

@Xavier_Kirton I have two here on the forums, and one in private.[quote=“Xavier_Kirton, post:16, topic:15923”]
See people don’t like doing the grunt work with other people’s ideas
… I don’t get your point.

Kinda but moving on if the community choosed you to write the story would you do it

Probably not. It wouldn’t be as interesting for me.

A great honour? Yes.

A lot of pressure? Yes.

Something I will ever actually want to do? No.

It would feel alien to me if I ever “used” someone else’s ideas like that.

Simply put? No.

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Exactly so you and other authors would not pick any ideas off there, also is there one good one on there isn’t yours
Question would you still make it good if it’s not as interesting to you

No, I don’t think anyone would write a story just because the community chose them to. The only fun part of writing us bring the images and ideas in your head to reality. The horrible part is actually doing it.

Why do the horrible part for someone else?