What's your favorite game from the game ideas for authors thread

So that thread is no point basically

People can build off others’ ideas, of course.

I changed that because I knew I wasn’t stealing.[quote=“Xavier_Kirton, post:25, topic:15923”]
the whole point of it was to give ideas to authors hence the name Game Ideas For Authors
…I knida thought it meant “Game Ideas for @Xavier_Kirton” since you said you were going to make one.

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But your not stealing the whole point of it was to give ideas to authors hence the name Game Ideas For Authors

Nope. I’ve got too little time to write out the ideas I’ve got piled up as it is, so the last thing I’d like to do would be to add something to that pile. That and that I generally prefer my own ideas over those of other people (in part because those are actually mine to begin with).

It’s nice to hear what people think, and it gives ideas to brainstorm with. Other than that it doesn’t add much for me.

Yea, if someone really likes your idea they’ll add to it and if they feel passionately about it you might find they’ll take it on with you.

You could see something like that in the “Game ideas for authors” thread

But your not borrowing it they gave it to you :smiley:

Well when I wrote that I was not a author but I could see your confusion

Just as Just_Because said

But just as you guys said you would build on it to make your own[quote=“Maxmansung, post:27, topic:15923”]
Yea, if someone really likes your idea they’ll add to it and if they feel passionately about it you might find they’ll take it on with you.

My English must be REALLY rusty, because I don’t understand a single thing.

So let’s take baby steps:

  • You are looking for ideas.
  • You want someone to give/take ideas and make a game.
  • You aren’t asking for a coder, but for theory (tricks for coding?)

Wich one? I can’t see your point at all.

Also, what do you mean with this:[quote=“Xavier_Kirton, post:1, topic:15923”]
This is not in need of a coder but asking in theory (I hope this is no violations of the rules)but to take up one idea of a person idea on my game ideas for author just like a little something for them to feel proud about
? Can you explain it a bit better?

Also, if it’s the second bullet point, then that’s not the way: making a game is a hard thing to do, even more complicated if it’s not your own idea and you don’t know how to grab it. Cheering (pressuring) others so start their own games isn’t ideal, there are already several authors making their own WIPs.

Rather than grunt work with someone else’s idea, it’s all the work. Throwing an idea it’s not the same as writing the whole thing and then coding it; ideas are easy things to have and develop, but making them an actual thing? That’s like 95% or more. It’s a very easy thing to do, having someone else do everything then claim the initial idea was yours!

There are a lot of “ifs” to that. Pretty much: what would we get from doing it? Is it worth it for you? The time/ work/effort are going to get compensated in some way? Because a game takes a year or more, it’s not as simple as “just doing it”.

Maybe you aren’t stealing, but if the game becomes a succesful thing that sells well, then (possibly) there will be a ton of problems about the game’s rights: whose idea it was and if they can demans a share; who did everything else the game; with no idea there wouldn’t be game thus who had the idea deserves something, but they didn’t do jack, etc.

I don’t want to be mean, but in the end of the day, what do you do with that? Pretty much nothing. It may be a GREAT honor, but the pain you have to go through is not worth it.


Second bullet but you could multiple authors might a little while longer more fustrstion but in the end the load would be and it would be a great honor you’ll be a legend on the forum and who said you had to sell it you can have the whole finished one on the forum I think there’s a completed game on the forum? Also if you did sell it they would get no rights to it (Not trying to be mean) because they have it to you. Meaning that they have no rights to it whatsoever once again they gave it you.

No one would complete a game… and not sell it. No one I know, anyway.

And being a legend on the forum is more of something up in the air.

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Let me get it straight: you mean several people making one game, yes?

I agree with @Just_Because. I’m currently working on a game, and I sure as hell am gonna try to sell it.

The thing is: when money is involved, things get A LOT MORE complicated.


I see but a while back there was a completed one there and vampire house the whole entire completed version is on the forum because it’s free. Wait hold on just realized what I said we could make it free.

I did not say several I said multiple it could more or less
Your working on a story (No sarcasm intended) but is there a thread for it yet or is there not

You lost me there. Several and multiple kind of mean the same: two, three, four, whatever.

Vampire House is essentially free, but you have the option to buy it. If I recall correctly, I think Jason said that CoG had to pay the author something for them to post the game legally.

And yes, I have a thread with a WIP.

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I work for money, bro. :smiling_imp:

There always has to be money involved. The Ads are still money the author is making off the game. @Xavier_Kirton

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Right for no ads you had to pay

All do but you could put it for free and charge off of taking ads off

Could you possibly tell me the name of the game