What's your favorite game from the game ideas for authors thread

The Freakhouse, A Touch of Lilium.

Here you have the link :wink:

Exactly you could put it up for free and charge for taking off the advertisements right?(No sarcasm Intended) but really can’t you do that instead

The benefits wouldn’t be the same, and I don’t know if it’s actually CoG or the author, getting money off the ads.

Well of course your going to market that. That’s one of the best games on the forum currently also I’ve played it but I didn’t know you were the author.

Yes. But the Ads are the money-maker.

Exactly every free game from this forum has the option to turn it off for like 3.99 but most people leave it on so you would be making lots of money

I mean in the store I meant from the forum sorry (Apple keyboards am I right) :slight_smile:

The whole point of this thread makes no sense…

Also why does my title keep getting flagged there’s nothing wrong as far as I know

Oh, that’s so sweet! Thank you! :blush:

Well, most of the games need to be bought to play them until the end, whereas only Vampire House asks for the 3,99 for turning off the ads (I think). The others don’t (again, I think).

Yeah most free ones but vampire house and like 1 or two others are actually one of the total free ones

Maybe the fact that it’s not “the community”. Do you mind if I change it to Game Ideas For Authors: What’s Your Favorite Game or something?

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Go ahead I don’t want to get a suspension or something

I don’t think that’s the point of this thread, but that’s what I got from your first post, so…

Im not sure we’ve fully clarified the aim of this thread yet actually. Why not get that crystal clear quickly.

Is this thread:

  1. Asking for people to help you write a game
  2. Asking for peoples ideas for a game
  3. Asking for help to code a game
  4. Asking if you can make a game for free
  5. Any combination of those

Also whilst were on the subject:

If the thread is about no.1 - What it your game idea you want help writing?

If the thread is about no.2 - If you want game ideas you have already contributed to the “Game ideas thread”, you can probably help yourself to any of those

If the thread is about no.3 - There are plenty of people on the forums happy to teach you code but almost no-one will code for you (although I know @Kelvin once did but I’m pretty sure that offers gone now)

If the thread is about no.4 - You can make a game and post it for free online, you can make a game and give it to COG to put on the app stores (but they have to pay you something for it) but you cant make the game and sell it yourself or make a game and put it on the app store yourself.

Hope that helps a little.

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Nope still up but I’m pretty busy.