Consolidated Thread of Game Ideas For Authors

Answer: In theory yes, but people aren’t especially inclined to do the gruntwork for someone else to write the story, to the point where it is against forum rules to ask for coders. I would recommend that instead of hoping that someone will be willing to do all of the dull work so that you can sprinkle your story on top, instead look for someone who’s willing to talk you through some of the basics of the coding, and take it from there.

I say this as someone for whom coding may as well be alien cuneiforms drilled into the moon in terms of easy reading, but choicescript is easy. Super easy. At least to start with. Sure there are more complex things you can do down the line but the basics should take you no more than an hour to get through (moving from scene to scene, setting out choices etc).

Try downloading the test pack and playing it through for yourself, then go look at the code, then come back here and ask about what you don’t understand. People are super friendly about it and they’ll definitely answer any questions you have. You’ll have better odds of that than of finding somebody who hangs out on this site purely based on their love for this weirdly specialized form of Javascript that isn’t used in any other way.