What's the most difficult decision you've ever had to make?

…In games with choices, I mean. In all the text-based/video games you’ve ever played, which choices really made you stop and agonize over what to do?

Dragon Age Inquisition should I sacrifice Alistair or Hawke. One being my favourite character of DA and the other a character I made of my own creation took me two days to make this choice, I kid you not.


The same as Nathan there. Took me a bit over ten hours, pack of smokes and I’m pretty sure I sprouted a few more grey hairs.

Easy solution: Make Alistair king and kill Stroud, or make a dick-Hawke playthrough when you keep Alistair as a warden. Easy! :smiley:

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Wait what? It makes THAT big of a difference?? Holy crap I need to play through the trilogy again! But not aggro Hawke, Comical Hawke is one of the only reasons that DA2 is enjoyable.

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Ahaha, no, sorry.

I said dick-Hawke as in make a Hawke you don’t like so you don’t get personally invested. Making dick-Hawke personality does nothing to change it.

(Would have been cool if it did though… :confused: )

Yeah it was a shame. I was expecting Hawke making her grand entrance to the Inquisitor looking all professional and graceful… Then cracking a really bad joke as usual :laughing:


Just watch Cass beat on Varric.

(Still ship them. Carric away!!! flies off)

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I always made Alistair King normally and before my first play through I made him still be a warden in the keep. When I came to this decision I disliked having to make it so much I went back and changed it back to him being king. I actually left Hawke in the fade once. Her final words “Safe harbors Isabella” made me want to cry. I still tear up a little just thinking about it. Then there’s the scene with Varric after you come back asking where Hawke is and the other one where you try and comfort him at the keep. Ugh its awful, it hurts my heart just thinking about it.

Just use the keep system.

Damn that sounds depressing. Glad I chose Alistair then. We know Hawke won’t die in the fade, Hawke will die being stung by a bee.

Anyway I think we went off topic a little :joy:

Not sure why but Bioware seems to achieve a deep kind of emotional investment.
I’m glad I always had Strout as a decoy

Not sure if it counts as difficult decision but I had problems in the Mass effect series, not with any difficult decision but in the question who to romance. The first time I choose Tali and that was nice, the second time I made a spreedsheet, no joke here, to determine who to choose , I’m not even sure who I choose anymore, but then came Mass effect 3 and the Garrus+ Tali scene made me replay the game to go back and choose Tali again.
I replayed 3 games just because I was too emotionally invested in a fictional romance and that only occurred to me near the end of the third game. So yeah that’s more of a difficult decision in hindsight, hope that still counts :slightly_smiling:

You want to talk about Mass Effect? I only have to bring up one person, Mordin.:sob:

Damn, I had to replay the second game because he died. I was so happy when he finally got through. You all know how that turned out in the end :cry:

What he did in 3 was amazing for the story. He sacrificed himself to cure the genophage making amends for what his people did to the Krogan. It was beautifully sad.

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That was hard for me too, the difference was that Alistair was already dead and my Warden was Loghain (who is one of my favorite characters), against my agressive Hawke (who I liked and was romancing Isabela, my favorite character from DA). Seeing Loghain die for the Wardens was hard, but in some way it fitted his redemption arc.

In ME3 I didnt want to cure the Genophage but didnt want to betray Wrex and shoot Mordin. In the end I couldnt take the renagade interrupt and Mordin cured the Genophage.

In CoG games I think only two choices were difficult to me.

In Heroes Rise: The Project, the choice to tell Jenny secret or not, I really didnt want to give her up but I thought I would get a game over if I didnt. It made me feel bad when I did it. Luckly later I discovered that I didnt need to give her up and replayed the game to change that.

In Lord of Aswick the choice on who to choose as the new monarch. Augustine is the better ruler IMO but Stephen gets you better rewards and you have a foster parent relationship with him. In the end I went with Stephen to get the Baronies of Oxenford and Darrow.

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The hardest decisions for me to make are the ones that have to do with play-style. Do I want to be a healer or tank-type character, a thief or magician… I will take days to get my character correct and won’t hesitate to start over completely if I feel my MC is totally wrong.

As far as Dragon Age goes… I made Alistair king and took the crown as Queen. This was the dogma story-line for me :slightly_smiling:

Hardest decision in a game huh? I would have to say letting Chloe die and restore time or let her live but let something horrible happen ( :sob: life is strange’s ending made me really sad, but I let Chloe die which made me even sadder) but at least Max and Chloe kissed before… Yea I’m just gonna go in a corner and cry


For me, the decision was ruined by the disjointed and chaotic “maze” scenes they made you sludge thru. Both of those scenes ruined the entire series for me and turned me off from even wanting to go forward.

@Zolataya the bottle fetching scene made my friend not play the game again (I just looked up a walkthrough) but yea that dream scene was weird (but hey I’m weird so I guess that makes it okay)

Oh and another hard decision was which ending I wanted in mass effect 3 (even though most people hated the ending, I loved it)