Hardest "Choice" in a Choice of/Hosted Game?

What choice have you found hardest to make in either a Choice of Game or Hosted Game?

By “hardest” I mean which choice did you have the most trouble picking one of the options?

*be aware there will be spoilers in this topic*

In Orpheus ruse when choosing to let Elyssa put a grain of her self in my character and betray the node or let her take a portion of my characters Spirit.

The scene in Sabres where you have to choose the punishment for one of your dragoons that allegedly killed a civilian’s pig.

@cascat07 I still Haven’t gotten a chance to play it but is anyone else reminded of skyrim by that post?

In heroes rise, on my second play through, when I choose Sonja instead of Pressie, but thank god I made that choice

@817819, “Let me guess, someone stole you’re sweet roll?”
A few times, I’ve killed a chicken in the cross fires of my personnel war with bandits outside Whiterun (I happened to be attempting to lure them away from there little fort to a nearby giant to see what would happen) and suffered the consequence.

“Stand to attention, criminal scum!
You have violated His Tierran Majesty’s Articles of War, relinquish your month’s pay to the tribunal, or serve the duration of your sentence in the stockade. Your stolen loot is now forfeit to this court.”

I’d probably have to single out the major choice at the end of War Walkers: University Part 1, where you can choose to go with the headmaster, or actually do the club even which you’re supposed to do. I was a drama/acting kid in High School, and I’ve been pretty involved with club politics in university, so that might have had something to do with it.

@Cataphrak I think the reason I found that choice hard had to do a lot with projecting from my real life as well.

Hardest choice in a CoG/Hosted game… Well i have to go with choosing the name because i can’t use Porter Void for every game right?

You can change things up a bit…
Void Porter
Portable Void
Void Port
Porter the Voidling
Porter of Void
@P0RT3R Void
Porter Void II - The Return of the Void Porter

Thinking of a name. (Although I always seem to go with Morgan in the end anyway…)

I usually don’t have problems with the moral decisions (My characters are goody-two-shoes and rarely stray from that path), but things like “Choose which attack you want to use” or “Dodge left, right or just stand still!” are a horror. I can’t know wat will happen beforehand and it’s highly stressful for me. Most of the time I have to start a new game after such a choice (because of course I will inevitably choose the wrong one).

Does “all of Choice of the Deathless” count as an answer? I even stressed over deciding where to live, and when I once accidentally clicked on the wrong option I nearly lost my mind (the game sort of makes it seem like you can opt for something better or worse-- you can “change” where you live and your expenses–but it turns out sometimes you can only change in one direction, so you’re stuck with that until the next chapter). Wanting to keep my character sharp, driven, smart, and able to “win” against whatever the game throws out against you made every choice feel important. After playing a couple of times, I can relax–the choices feel less like “make or break” and more like “a different way to go.”

It’s still a WIP, but: all of Guenevere so far. I care so much not only about my own character but everyone else, I’m freezing up and not wanting to make a drastically wrong choice–not about some dangerous action or politically lunkheaded move or starting a war maybe, but about setting relationships off in the wrong directions. It’ll be better once I’ve played it all the way through (like I found with Choice of the Deathless), once figure out which “mistakes” can be repaired, etc. But the first time through I feel like most of the choices are very significant. That’s a good thing, but also a stressful thing!

I have to agree with the Orpheus Ruse complex. You either ruin someone’s life, ruin yourself, or ruin your organization. And the whole game’s like that.

Way walkers 1 where dealing with the spirit/ghost/dragon thing. Terrifies me, because I dont want Will the duelists dueling career to end yet no matter what I seem to always get injured in a matter where im always crippled and suck at dueling

I failed so many times against the dragon that I thought it was inevitable, until I finally beat it xD

I think, a lot of choices you make in almost all of the CoG games, have at some point a difficult choice. They are sometimes moral choices, sometimes choices that come off a little too close to home. When I play these games, I attempt to have a feel for the character, and sometimes I play them as I am them. Not sure what to say, but I feel like the most recent choice in a game I played was “When In Rome (WIP)”. Choosing to help your family or not in a time of a crisis. If you help them, you die. If you don’t, you live. I know it might not be a big deal, but frankly, I try to think of them as If I was there. And I wouldn’t know even now what I would do.

Probably deciding what to do with Tom in zombie exodus after I learned he was a psychopath.

That one part in Imprisioned where you decide whether to examine the wall one last time or sleep.

I’m not sure; usually I’ve been the one to just pick an option and bum with it, take whatever consequences it has, and then either continue with the game or end up dying and going again.

Any time in Tin Star that you have multiple dialogue options, knowing one or two may very well end with you having to put a bullet in the head of your closest friend (i.e. Carrie, Yiska). It took me about six runthroughs before I was able to complete the game without killing anyone important to me!