What is the hardest choice you had to face in a Choice of Game?

Obviously that includes Hosted Games and WIPs, I just tried to avoid title gore. Use spoilers please!

P.S. A similar topic has already been made, but it was in Feb/March 2014, so I guess I can make another one. :slight_smile:

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Picking a name for my character.


@Jaxx Hah, I know what you mean there. I’m usually fine just picking one from the list, but if they give you an empty box instead it’s a whole other story…

To me, there is no single “hardest choice”. If a game tries to force on me an ultimatum like “one of your two best friends is going to die, WHICH ONE WILL YOU CHOOSE???” It just feels artificial and fake to me, like the author doesn’t know how to create proper connections with characters or how to write meaningful choices without resorting to the obvious death ones. The hardest choices for me are the ones which take place in the worlds where I am fully immersed, the worlds where authors can make me feel like my choices actually matter. You could have the most difficult choice possibly imaginable, but if you can’t make me believe that the choice is important and will actually have an impact, I won’t care.


Study in Steampunk choosing whether or not to kill that drunken doctor to save your wife’s life

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In The City’s Thirst, whether or not to research the dying god. On one hand, it’s the most pragmatic choice because if the research is successful, there will be enough water for everybody. On the other hand, Jess.

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I would say that my hardest choice was in The Hero Project when you had to choose between getting knocked off the show or betraying Jenny to stay.