What year is tin star set in?

I don’t know if it states it but what year is tin star set in? I am just curious😝


@AllenGies might enlighten us. I’d guess the 1870s.

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I would assume between after 1865 and before 1870 since there was a character that spoke of President Lincoln and said something like “Such a shame how it turned out for him in the end” and the fact that you can send a telegram to Lincoln’s successor, President Andrew Johnson who served one full term after Lincoln’s assassination from 1865 to 1869.


@MichaelCrank @Samuel_H_Young
Thanks for the replies!! I do remember something about Lincoln’s assassination so that’s probably accurate! Thanks again!!


The game starts in 1867, if my recall is correct. Been a while since my notes saw the light of day. The story proceeds into 1868 with the arrival of the Transcontinental railroad.

Tin Star could have started earlier, but that would have made the American Civil War loom over the story,


Thanks!!! That makes a lot of sense! Thank you for putting my curios mind at ease. :yum::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: