What to do after finishing a game?

Not sure where to post this but here goes? I’ve finished my game but I don’t really know what needs to be done right now. Any suggestions on what to do? It’s not about making a new game since I’m already brain-storming and world creating the next one.

Have you got the finished game properly polished? Thoroughly bug-tested, etc?

Have you had someone with editing skill run over it?

Have you got all of the art you need for it?

Have you emailed Choice of Games to see about getting it published?

Have you looked into promoting it?

  1. Ran as many quicktests and randomtests as possible so there’s no issues on links but I know there has to be a few bugs here and there.

  2. Definitely need to get that one done.

  3. Definitely need to get that done also.

  4. No. I haven’t done any emailing yet.

I’d ask fellow forum members to beta test it. There’s no substitute for fresh sets of eyes, preferably a few dozen at least. Aren’t the CoG folks requiring this step nowadays from HGs anyways?

I’d also suggest getting some players to stress-test the game for you. See if you can persuade any of your beta testers to try and break the game and seek out as much bugs/continuity errors/etc as they can.

You might also want to let people know you’re needing some new testers for the finished game. I know that some people have removed game links and done a closed beta-testing on their finished games. You’ll attract new people with an almost finished game, and you’ll also get different feedback from people who’ve not played any previous versions.

@HornHeadFan They are requiring it. The game has already been tested on the forums, I think?

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Every wip I’ve started, I’ve started with the intention of making it free. I think they’d do it, they’d still make money on ads like are in Dragon, I believe

Alright. So where can I get an editor and an artist then?

You can start on the forum, I believe it’s alright to make a topic along the lines of “I’m looking for an editor for my game” or “I’m looking for an artist for my game” (again, I believe it’s alright, but I’m not entirely sure so someone please do correct me if I’m wrong).

In addition you can hire someone to do it for you if you don’t feel confident of your expertise in those areas, https://www.fiverr.com/ is one place to look for editors and/or artists (or pretty much anything for that matter), and http://www.deviantart.com another for artists.

Are you willing/able to pay money?

Do you have any friends who have those skills?

There are some people on the forums who’ve offered to do art and editing in the Professional Services category. You can also just try asking people. I can’t remember off hand what art you specifically need, I’d suggest searching for that first.

Sadly I don’t know anyone who can do that and after looking at some the prices, I know the exchange rate will kill me faster than anything else would even if I’m willing to pay. I’ll try asking on the forums then to see what other alternatives I can scrounge up. Thanks for the advice.

Edit: On a side note, it’s so much easier to just be writing and coding >_>

The WIP (Work in Progress) category is great for finding free editors.

Congrats on finishing and debugging :smile: