What kind of device do you use to open the site?


Heya, folks. I have a rather simple question, but pretty important, IMO.

What device do you use when you open this forum?

  • PC/Desktop/Laptop
  • Mobile/Smartphone/Tablet (portrait)
  • Mobile/Smartphone/Tablet (landscape)

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I figured out that both published games and WIPs have different… “view” depending on which device you’re using :iphone: :computer: :desktop_computer:

From this poll, I hope I can help fellow author (and myself) in deciding “how I want my game/IF looks on the screen.” However, if you’re a rather casual author and not as crazy and hardcore as me :upside_down_face:, feel free to ignore this…

But leave me your vote/choice, first :gun: :angry:


Oh, and btw, if you use a device waaay more often than the other, feel free to include both!
But it’ll be great if you mention it on the comment below :"

I personally use both laptop and my phone equally often, tho.


If I’m coming here to post or read, I’m usually on my laptop doing other things at the same time. If I’m playing a longish WIP, I’m usually on my iPad, which is what I generally use for entertainment (webcomics, pinterest, sometimes movies). Plus it’s easier to take and organize screenshots (my computer just drops them on my desktop and I have to import them elsewhere before I can crop them, which automatically creates multiple copies…ugh). My purchased games I’ve bought through the app store, so they’re only on my ipad/phone (and I like how the iPad app lets me see the stat screen while I’m playing).


The tricky thing about writing games with mobile in mind is that there’s not an easy way to preview what it will look like. Can’t run choicescript off the laptop, so I have to upload to dashingdon to play my own work somewhere else, and dashingdon doesn’t get along well with my phone (logging in requires ‘screen reader’ mode). An option for mobile-sized preview might be a nice addition to the site, or maybe worked into CSIDE… @dashingdon? @CJW? I have little concept of how easy this would be, just remembering how nice Wordpress’s mobile preview system is…


Oops. What a goof I am! I fixed the missing Register/Login link for mobile devices on dashingdon.com

The site is due for an update so there will be changes ahead to accommodate all devices, but let me know if anything else is causing you trouble in viewing / editing projects on the site.


I know that feeling :sweat_smile:
In fact, I have a dedicated folder called “Drop site” on the desktop to put everything I just downloaded on that day!


I demand the restoration of my remaining number of wishes.


You can use the developer view of the Chrome Web Browser to force a responsive layout matching certain devices (mobile, tablet, etc.), see https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/device-mode/.

With CSIDE (or any other web browser), just popout the window and force resize it. This will never give you a perfect representation, but it’ll give you an idea.


Um, well, if you’re just talking about opening the forum, I’ll use both my laptop and my phone a fair amount. Generally going for the laptop by overall preference, but phone is convenient for when I’m not sitting at my desk :stuck_out_tongue:

But then you talked about published games and WiPs… and I definitely only use my laptop for those. Much more relaxing.

So I voted for both, but if you’re really focused on the games, then that would need to be different :upside_down_face:


Yeah, I guess I should’ve written “to open WIP or CoG/HG games” instead :thinking:
I don’t know why I write it that way in the first place. Oh, well…

I’m too lazy to change it. What is done, is done.

FYI, I only used my laptop when testing WIP as well. But published games? It’ll be my phone (at least until G Play allows me to download it via laptop)