Making game on ipad

This has probably been brought up before, but I couldn’t find any threads when I did a search, but does anyone know of a good way of doing this on an iPad? I’ve got the files unzipped and on Dropbox currently, but what about viewing edits? Is the best option just uploading to dashington periodically? And is there a list of the commands and how to use them?

Edit: remembered about the wiki for the commands and stuff, but the first part still stands.

My personal advice on this will always be: do it on computer.
PC is better than mobile. But that’s outside of the thread, so moving on…

Basic tools you need to edit/create games on CS are

  1. Text editor. I’m not familiar with iOS, but I think Atom text editor is an alternative you can see.
  2. Web browser. As per recent development on browser issue, you can now use any browser to open relevant files (instead of relying on firefox). Check out the link I’ve included.

Now, to answer this

my personal opinion would be doing it offline. The benefit of not relying on the internet is immense as you don’t have to do repeated upload-download cycle for every update you want to test—granted, this might be not the case since the new version of CS requires you to “upload” your script, but it’s still better than the online alternative.

As such, download all your .txt files and work on them locally.


There’s the option of using a basic text editor. I wouldn’t recommend trying to test your files from your mobile device, unless you plan on updating all assets to a private dashingdon each time.

So…basic text editor, save your files (startup.txt, choicescript_stats.txt, etc.), and, if you absolutely must test mobilely, use dashingdon or a similar service.

Honestly, if you’re new to cscript to the point of needing to use the wiki to remember commands, you should really use a computer. CSIDE is a fantastic option - it runs quickests for you, identifies errors, has optional links to corresponding wiki pages, and allows you to play the game within the program.

It is only usable on windows and mac computers, though. No Linux or Chromebooks.