Mobile or PC? Pros and cons

I was wondering about what platform is most commonly used, so, Where do you prefer playing CoG games? There’s a big difference from one to another?

32" 1440p screen vs 4" 1080p screen… hard choice… :wink:

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Mobile, pc just feels… Awkward

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I prefer the iPad as the middle choice.

My phone’s screen is just so tiny but planting myself in front of the PC seems so inconvenient and doesn’t lend itself to multitasking (which you MUST be able to do when you have kids).

The iPad allows me to lounge on the sofa but the screen is big enough to show the stats on the screen beside the story. I like seeing stats rise and fall without having to stop reading and go to Stats Page.


Phones or tablets PC is totally uncomfortable for me. I want to play this when I am traveling in the city or when I go to country visit family. The PC is just a big nailed rock you normally wouldn’t move around. Yeah, there are laptops too, but batteries are worse and there are lot heavier.

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I think Choice of Games (ChoiceScript specifically) is particularly well-suited to mobile handhelds and tablets. The font is booklike, doesn’t do any special tricks, and the passages are longer so you aren’t fiddling with choices as often as in a Twine. The radio buttons at first felt to me like I was taking an SAT test, but it works well to avoid accidental taps on a touch screen.

I might almost venture it’s better on a small screen so you can curl up with it like a book rather than sit in front of a monitor.


I almost always play on mobile, though there are a few I’ve played on PC. I don’t have a tablet, so no middle ground for me, but I have no issues with using my phone.


In general I prefer the PC but for choice of games, I always play on mobile.
I take public transports to go work so it’s great to be able to play on mobile.


Smartphone. I read a lot on trains.

But… I’m thinking of switching back to a dumbphone. So maybe in the future… PC.


kek I got the games on PC,but with all things considered I think smartphone is best for these kinda games :stuck_out_tongue:

Me like to play CoG’s on my tab o phone. Not like the PC screen for it.

I’m curious about the distaste for PC screens here. Out of idle curiosity I’d be interested in seeing the PC screen’s you’re all objecting to. Maybe I’ll see if I can come to understand the feelings behind the statements.

I actually prefer my laptop for reading CoGs, partly because I’m less liable to get distracted the way I might with my tablet. I don’t mind sitting at my desk to read, either. It’s the quietest section of the house.

I once did use my tablet, and still do when I’m travelling.

If I’m going to be perfectly honest though, I think it may be partly because I work at home from my laptop. I suspect my children (who don’t generally interrupt when I’m working) see my on my computer and think ‘oh work’ and come back later . . .

I no like the PC because the screen is way big and the fonts of the game is tiny. With my phone or tab the font is at least at a size that I can read even if I wanted to make the font bigger it won’t happen. The PC can use that magnifying glass, but it too much work for me.

I guess I technically prefer PC. It is what I use most often, and since I like owning/playing the games on Steam, I kind of have to use my PC.

But I like having the option to play on mobile too. I have several apps, or just read online from my phone/tablet when I’m out.

Honestly, I like having both options, and picking one over the other has more to do with the situation and convenience more than anything else.

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I prefer my phone. Let’s me play the games anywhere really. Downside is I can’t view code on my smartphone (at least not without going through a lot of extra steps)

if you play via the website or chrome webstore versions you can hold down control and scroll up on the mouse wheel to zoom the font size. You can then hit ctrl+0 to restore to default zoom.

The steam versions don’t support this though.

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Sorry…just had to…
(psssh even though I don’t play games on my pc :smirk:)

@LordOfLA Sad but I only use steam. So it probably why i not like the PC version lols

I like it on PC, tablet, or phone. The only difference for me would be the
portability of the gadget.