What genre of game do you feel is most in need of more representation?

Begging your pardon, but the M relationship isn’t “screw at the end”, it’s “screw whenever you feel like it”.


You should check out The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: An Affair of the Heart WIP, it’s the perfect mix of mystery and romance


Heartily seconded! Not to mention the writing in it is excellent! Lestrade is a delight, and Watson lives up to the general awesomeness of most Watsons in the media.


Good luck


Exactly. And that’s far more fun to read about than 90% of the book being glancing longingly at someone who you think may hate you before you finally get to kiss.

Dezh and Mason, not me and Mason. There’s a reason I don’t self-insert–while I would’ve totally been drawn to Mason over the other three (really, I would be drawn to Adam until I realized he was just going to play games and be emotionally repressed long-term and Felix if I hadn’t friend-zoned him first), I wouldn’t have lasted long in the Wayhaven universe. After waking up at the facility and finding they’d lied to me and caused the death of a child with their lies, I’d have “gone to the bathroom” and disappeared. Those fuckers never would’ve found me.

Barring that, I haven’t been through the shit Dezh has and wouldn’t deal with Mason the way she does. I don’t have her abandonment issues, either, lol. But, on the other hand, I don’t put up with being treated like shit, so I would’ve told him off, told Adam off, told Nate and Felix they should find a team with members that don’t act like pricks, and requested another team because there’s no way I’d stay on a team with my mother as the “boss.” Rebecca lacks the professionalism to remain reasonable when dealing with her adult daughter/son, and I would find it impossible to work within those confines. So, yeah, self-inserts don’t work because MCs are pigeonholed into behaving a way that is foreign to me!

And, just to add, as @JBento said, there’s no waiting to screw at the end with M. You screw when you want. And, eventually, end up with a relationship with them.

I’ll have to check out the Sherlock Holmes WIP. It sounds fun! I like mystery, and have gotten to point where I require romance in these games to enjoy them.

Another rec that I recently found (like yesterday, lol)… The Sun and His Arrows. Short demo but damned good!

It fits another genre I love, which is anything dealing with “gods” (little ‘g’).


I can’t imagine anything further from the truth – almost every single game released on the platform has a good variety of different love interests.

If there’s one thing The Gray Painter did well it’s that people found my monster legitimately scary.


Looks through the replies, desperately hoping people say horror.


if you are the one making the game, so yeah…gimme horror :wink:


turns on the news


Just straight forward fiction. Historic, Romantic, Sports, Dramatic, Thriller, Musical etc. Not enough non sci-fi/fantasy/super hero on here imho. Though I love those genres, I’d really like to see some straight foward stuff that is as in depth as some of the world building that goes into the fantasy or whatever. The cool thing about standard fiction is it requires no world building, and you can really focus more on character study. As long as you are at least well read in whatever you choose to write about mind you.


Please don’t do this, it’s very scary


This is wrong on so many levels :laughing:

It’s like they sat down and thought about how dark and terrifying the unknown horrors of the ancient ones in the abyss might be, and that one person steps up and makes the pitch “well that’s good and all, but I don’t think that’s really what people want, do you? What if, and here me out here, Cthulhu wasn’t out to squish humanity, but really just wanted to date them instead?”

Skyhooks reference?


So, instead of Cthulhu being out to squish humanity, it’s out to smash it?

Real world reference, unfortunately.

Hey, the lady asked for horror.


Worst kind of reference



So, instead of Cthulhu being out to squish humanity, it’s out to smash it?

lol I walked right into that one didn’t I?

Real world reference, unfortunately.

Sad, but understandable. There’s a reason why I rarely sit down and watch the nightly news. Nothing new there either. Skyhooks recorded a song with that theme back in the 70’s.

A person after my own heart :smile:


Low-hanging fruit tastes just as sweet, but take a lot less effort to pick. I never pass up on it. :wink:


I’d love a Cyberpunk / Fantasy game, like Shadowrun.

Martial art and delinquent stories could be cool and I feel there’s untapped potential with Isekai games.

A Cyberpunk / Cosmic horror game could be fun, pitting the unknowable ancients against the nebulous megacorporations.

I also feel like something could be done with a game where you play a Jason Voorhees-type character (or maybe you get to choose between a few slasher archetype to mix and mash with).

Copying Manwha concepts could also be interesting to give some ‘freshness’ to our usual superhero games, Hunters and Portals / Dungeons could make for a pretty original experience.

Loki solve the issues for the pantheon like 80% of the time for a reason, the ‘good gods’ themselves couldn’t ressort to the trickery that would solve the situation so they had Loki do it while looking down on him for it.

It’s funny how many Norse Myths revolve around the gods asking Loki’s help to back out of a deal they made.


A Cyberpunk / Cosmic horror game could be fun, pitting the unknowable ancients against the nebulous megacorporations

I meaaan you could really play with this idea. Some kid finds an old DnD book for sale in the back alley and then summons like Mind flayers or worse into a Cyberpunk megacity.


Yeah, there’s a lot of possibilities that are rather easy to set up.

Hell, you could even do something like take inspiration from Carrion’s ending and be like ‘Congrats, you’re a minor Eldritch monster that just slaughtered everyone who discovered and studied you and recently acquired the ability to turn into a human / shapeshifting, have fun in Mega Neo-Tokyo with its cybergangs and 500 year old genetically modified CEO who are very curious about what ate one of their minor subsidiaries’, 99% of the set up is already written by your inspiration there.

If you want to do something more ‘out there’, you can be created or chosen by an Elder God to remind a humanity who’s way to smug about their ability to ‘conquer the stars’ and remind them why even the biggest investor of the biggest megacorp is scared of the dark.

Another genre that would be great to see in COG is the ‘Screw Up Comedy’ genre as I call it, where most of the story and humor come from the majority of the characters being incredibly incompetent and / or uncooperative, basically I want the full’ Arthur in Kaamelot’ experience.


Yeah, that’s my point. At one point, it’s literally “Hey Loki, we really messed up, why don’t you save us by turning into a horse and getting fucked?”.