What do you think the best games of the past few years have been?


I’m pretty new to the CoG world, but my partner and I have loved what we’ve played so far.

  • Choice of Broadsides: The Jane Austen and Master & Commander vibes are a major draw and it’s short enough that we can replay it again and again and again over the course of an evening. I really admire how they coded gender into the world. The only other place I’ve seen the “inverted patriarchy” idea is Egalia’s Daughters by Gerd Brantenberg.
  • Tally ho!: As others have said, this one is freaking hysterical and started us binge reading PG Wodehouse. If you’re a fan of British humor at all, play it.
  • Choice of Cat: We went in for the laughs, but the story is surprisingly poignant and addresses some serious issues like animal abuse and failing marriages. Also we got to be a cat.



I wasn’t bothered much by the gender-locking system; I like to play both genders depending on which gender that I think will be more fun to play in that particular setting. I do agree that there’s no reason why we can’t be both male and female but that’s the author’s decision. I enjoyed the ride nonetheless. I always like Sherlock - anything crime solving really - related and Victorian or gothic setting so I have soft spot for this kind of story.


I just wish I could be as open minded as you when it comes to the MCs gender. But anyway sorry everyone for kinda derailing this thread.



We should probably start explaining why these games are heaps cool since we are kinda just name dropping the same games over and over again.


Fallen Hero: Rebirth is the best ChoiceScript game. It’s in contention for one of my all time favorite games, period. Add that the sequel’s looking pretty great as well, and I have very high hopes.

As for honorable mentions:

Wayhaven isn’t perfect, but it’s a nice romance and was good enough to make me long for the sequels.

Community College Hero felt a little railroady, but is very fun and has a lot of heart.

Choice of the Cat and Tally Ho! are both very cute and worth a look.

Then Choice of Rebels is . . . odd. I really didn’t like it on my first go round, and I still think it couldn’t quite stick the landing, but replaying it I’ve come to really appreciate its ambition and how well it (mostly) works.


Oh! One I nearly forgot.

The Eagle’s Heir is shockingly good. Steampunk is usually a huge turn off for me, but the world felt so natural and down to earth I didn’t bat an eye. Also any thing that has Napoleon without him being a weird, evil caricature wins my heart right away.

There’s others I love, of course, but they’re a bit older so I’ll leave them for another thread.


Going by @LordNanachi’s suggestion I try to sum up what I like about these games:
Choice of Rebels: I liked how detailed the world built is and also I appreciate the hard work @Havenstone must have put in it given he did not only have to code some differences between playthroughs bc of the MCs gender but also bc of the MCs origin (helot or aristocrat). And given how different personalities we can give to the MC this game is really a nice roleplaying experience. I don’t even mind it that much that I can’t set all ROs gender to female since it just adds some realistic layer to the game when the second RO has the opposite gender of what the MC is attracted to and you can decide if you try to overlook that and concentrate on their personality instead of the gender or no matter the personality the gender is enough of a dealbreaker.
Fallen Hero: It’s a nice change to play as the villain also the MCs backstory is definitely interesting making it kinda hard to wait for the sequel to find out more. And the MCs power set is interesting too not one we are used to already if we read a game about superheroes.
A Midsummer Night’s Choice and Tally Ho: I like @Gower’s writing style. It’s funny and I think he nicely gives back the atmosphere of the works he choosed as a base for his works. As a fan of Shakespeares works especially his comedies it was fun to try to figure out which of his works @Gower refers to in each scene of A Midsummer Night’s Choice, also the authors commentary thing in the game was a nice addition imo. And when I’ve read Tally Ho I instatntly recognised the Wodehousian vibe and remember feeling kinda proud when I’ve read the interview and found out I was right.
Evertree Inn: I think what I liked most in this game is how it mattered what race I choose. All that extra flavour text the author put in in later scenes (for example when Leah fetches a box for the MC in the stables to stand on when they are one of the shorter races). Also the writing… I often find detective games/books kinda boring but defintitely not here.
The Grim and I: This game actually made me think about what I find important in life and if I were in the MCs place then what would I find the hardest to let go of.
Samurai of Hyuga: I like the animeish vibe in this game and also once again how diverse characters we can make even tho many things are preset here (like background or bad habits etc.).
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: That character customization… I’m not into stuff with zombies normally but I think this game is a nice read for anyone who likes to roleplay.

Tbc when I have more time


A midsummer nights dream was a particularly special experience becuase the story never worked out like you expected it to.

My first ending was A master of fey magic that walked around the battlefield connecting people instead of participating in my parents asinine war, crossdressing as a busty tavern wench I named Bertha.


Heart of the House: Beautiful prose, wonderfully atmospheric, fantastically written sex. Some great world building wrt gender. Hands down my favorite semi-recent game.

Tally Ho!: So much fun! Just the right degree of Wodehouse. Rory is a precious disaster and I love them.

Study in Steampunk: (Not actually that recent, but I played it semi-recently.) I played the demo expecting to hate it — genderlocked male steampunk sounds like the makings of a hateread for me. But you could immediately be critical of the empire, and I ended up loving the MC, so. Some fantastic emotional writing, and a wide range of choices.


Agree. I was so emotional when the twist was exposed. Crazy good! And yes for Rory in Tally Ho, I laughed at his/her quirks when I played it.


Okey, this is fairly difficult… I’ve read (played) so many stories and have gone through several emotional breakdowns with all of them.
I’m sry. If many of them were released before or in 2016, I can’t remember :smiley:

Here’s my list: (as far as I can remember, I’ve read a lot, rip my money…)

  • Tally Ho! As many others stated, it’s really good if you want to have a laughing spree and this “oh gosh soooo cute” moment. I. Loved. It. So much that I even made some fanart (if interested its in the Tally ho spoilers thread), haha. It’s an really interesting story!
  • Samurai of hyuga. Hope I still have the name right because I’ve read it a long time ago. Well, it’s a really nice game and goes perfect with every Ro you create.
  • I, Cyborg. Really cool, I recommend. (I don’t really recall the story but I remember how much I loved it. Makes sense? :smiley:

So here I will mention some other games I really enjoyed: 7th Sea, Double Cross, choice of Kung Fu and choice of Pirate.


Fallen hero for most heart wrenching/ emotional
Heart of the house for the steamiest game released


Study in Steampunk is my favorite CoG ever. All the paths, the universe, the emotions (the way it’s written makes some losses in the game feels like, almost, palpable.)

Then comes my second favorite: Highland: Deep Waters. Wow, I don’t even know how to start. A obscure organization, the investigation elements, the modern world environment, the detailed descriptions. A unique CoG. I’d love to have more of this. I know that the medieval-low-magic set is a classical of RPGs, but a mistery history set in a neo-noir Scotland. Just amazing! I love it!


Top 3 not including WIP:

  • Choice of Rebels
  • Guns of Infinity
  • The Grim and I

While there are a plethora of amazing games here, if I couldn’t play any others but 3, it would be these. I’m very partial to your decisions having intense weight, and these 3 are the heaviest. (I actually teared up a bit playing The Grim and I)


Thanks for mentioning this! I didn’t know about it and because of your comment I tried and it was crazy, in a good way. Definitely something that is within my interest although maybe slightly too dark. But mystery/detective stories are my favorite. So, thanks!


You’re welcome! Yep, is pretty dark, but is sooooo good! Enjoy!


Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
Wayhaven Chronicles
The Mysteries of Baroque
Heart of the House
Fallen Hero: Rebirth


I’m considering on adding more to my library as a new user, but I don’t want to spend too much on things I’ll rarely be reading or regret buying. So I’m not too interested in the ones that makes me feel forced and guilty about my choices or something that’s too linear.

So far I’ve only read I, Cyborg, Fallen Hero, and Choice of Rebellion. I enjoyed them a lot and have been rereading for some time. I think anything that’s somewhat similar in theme would be something I’m looking into. I’d also love to hear about why you’d recommend it.


My advice would be Choice of Robots!

It was one of my first games and has immense replay value.


I’ve moved this from “Any Games I Should Try?” to reduce forum clutter.

Meanwhile, my suggestions: Choice of Robots and Choice of Magics by Kevin Gold. Sabres of Infinity and Guns of Infinity by Paul Wang. Silverworld and Tower Behind the Moon by Kyle Marquis. Edit: I also really enjoyed Mysteries of Baroque.