What do you think the best games of the past few years have been?

I read a lot of CoG’s games a few years ago, stopped in about 2016. What do you think the best games that’ve been released since have been?

Fallen Hero Retribution is my faveorite COG and in my opinion one of the most well written and interesting COGs, if not the best.
I am also prepared to fight people in mortal combat at a Woolworths car park who disagree with this opinion.

There is also a free to play mercenary COG that was released a little while ago on the site that was surprisingly a lot of fun. Bit buggy and felt unfinished in areas but it was a proper game in its own right and I would recommend it, forgot its name though but it should be one of the recent hosted games.


Fallen Hero and Choice of Rebels would be my top two picks. I’ll second that FH is probably one of the best written games to date (imo, at least), with Rebels a close second. Rebels has some fantastic worldbuilding as well if that’s your thing.

  • Fallen Hero:
  • Choice of Magics
  • Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven

Fallen Hero,Wayhaven, Silverworld, Choice of Magics, Choice of Rebels, Heart of the House,Tally Ho, Highlands Deep Waters, and a surprise hit for me was Werewolves


Thrilled you enjoyed it! It’s always nice to get some love! :heart_eyes:

My favorites from this time period aren’t mentioned as often for some reason, but here they are:

I, Cyborg
Welcome to Moreytown


Way walkers
Lost heir trilogy
Zombie exodus safe haven

This maybe unrelated but the upcoming games this year, not many interest me.


If I had to pick one, it would certainly be Choice of Rebels: it’s the largest, most detailed and fascinating narrative I’ve yet encountered from a ChoiceScript book. If the rest of the series holds up to that level of thoroughly-designed complexity we’re in for a real treat!


I second these…and I’m sure I’m forgetting some…:sweat_smile:… I need coffee!

Heart of the House, Choice of Rebels, 7th Sea, Death Collector, Weyrwood and Stronghold. But I’m excited to read many more that haven’t been released yet. MANY more.
With so many amazing HG, I’m currently addicted to Keeper of The Sun and Moon, but Wayhaven, for example, is also a favorite.


Glad so many have enjoyed Rebels. :slight_smile: My own favorites from the past few years have been:

  • Tally Ho. An astoundingly rich, fun game – and while part of that is of course the PG Wodehouse humour it’s emulating, the game design is also fantastic, with hilarious and satisfying moments across a crazily wide range of paths. Up there close to Choice of Robots on my list of best CoGs.

  • Everything by Kyle Marquis: Empyrean, Silverworld, Tower Behind the Moon. They’ve all got quite distinct atmosphere/gameplay, so don’t write off others if one’s not to your taste. For my part, I loved them all. Relentlessly inventive in a way that recalls China Mieville.

  • Choice of the Cat – hilarious and also surprisingly serious, with the disintegration of a marriage at its heart. The cat’s-eye perspective stayed clever and funny throughout.

  • Choice of Magics: a terrific fantasy epic with the breadth and depth Kevin Gold brought to Robots. A surprisingly warm and hopeful apocalypse.

  • Mysteries of Baroque: loved it, loved it.

  • Other very good, enjoyable games: Heart of the House, Superlatives, Blood Money, Werewolves, Weyrwood, and Stronghold. I’m also reading Canterbury at last and enjoying it greatly so far.


Choice of Rebels
Heart of The House
Zombie Exodus Safe Haven
Fallen Hero
Keeper of the Sun and Moon
Great Tournament 2
Life of Mercenary
Doomsday on Demand 2
Chronicon Apocalypca
Blood Money


Blood Money was fun.
Making the two siblings play nice was hair pulling at times tho.
Think that’s the right game.


As said before by others, Fallen Hero, Choice of Rebels and Highland Deep Waters.
Other than that, i would personaly recomend the Samurai of Hyuga games.


Usually not a fan of werewolves as a concept but I was definitely won over by your writing. I’m excited for whatever you put out next

Ive recently been enjoying fallen hero and the community college hero series of games.

I used to play through the games multiple times to unlock as many achievements as possible, but when the game is part of a series ive found i prefer to play the entire series before resetting.

Fallen hero was so good that i only played it the once and i’m waiting impatiently for the next part.

I think it is Manitgames. I has been released in 2017.

I haven’t played so many CoGs these past few years, but ones that jumped out at me were:

  • Choice of Rebels: I’m a bit suspect because I beta-tested it, but Rebels is a suberb work, a rich, multi-layered fantasy that never settles for being just entertaining, even though it is, and plenty! You can enter it and find something different from so many angles, be it the complex worldbuilding, the evocative characters, or the choices that keep surprising me with how in-depht they are. If fantasies are your type of thing, then I believe this is one of the best around.

  • Tally Ho! and A Midsummer Night’s Choice> Both of them were written by the same person, so I thought it’d be good to have them together. And, lenght aside, both are similar, with Tally Ho being inspired by the comedies of Wodehouse and Midsummer owing a lot of its story to Shakespeare. But! Here’s the catch: you don’t need to enjoy either to get into the games. I’ve never heard of Wodehouse before Ho! and had never read a Shakespeare play to completion before Midsummer, but they’re both enjoyable, funny misadventures. I think Gower has made something special with these two, a Choice Game that subverts its ‘gamey’ premise by having the wrong stat choices give you, the reader, a more fun, slapstick time, and altering what it means to ‘win’ in these games.

  • Choice of Magics: As a fan of both Robots and Alexandria, I was very pleasently surprise with Kevin Gold’s third outing, a long fantasy epic that brings all the humor, lore, adventure and meaningful choices of his last two works, but now in a bigger format. I’ve loved the characters and the world and the way the story jumps between its magics-metaphors and surprisingly difficult choices easily. And it’s so replayable, to boot!

  • Cannonfire Concerto: A balanced, interesting and unique story that never loses its charm to me. I could talk about how the prose is smart and funny, the locations are clever and how the game uses good scenes to set up some of its more ‘gamey’ elements (like having the MC provide information during an interview in a stormy night). Its fun, and for me, it’s been more than the sum of its parts and one of the best launches in the past few years.


Waywalkers, The Grim & I, and Samurai of hyuga for meh

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If you prefer psychology, character building, superhero genre - Fallen Hero.

If you prefer philosophy, world building, fantasy - Choice of Rebels.

Definitely two of the best cog/hg titles I’ve had the pleasure of.