What do you think the best games of the past few years have been?


I love Fallen Hero, Wayhaven Chronicles, Community College Hero, Tally Ho, Choice of a Vampire, and VERSUS.


Duuude choice of vampire was great… miss that series ;c


Wel some of the top ter siince 2016 would for me be
Fallen hero
Samurai of huga 2 witch i think came out in 2016
Zombie exedus
Choice of magics
Heart of the house


I would say that Choice of Rebels is the greatest COG but it’s very expensive…


It’s a great game I agree but it’s too old for this thread. I remember playing it back then when I wasn’t even a member of this forum (and I registered early 2016).

My list would be: Choice of Rebels, Fallen Hero, A Midsummer Night’s Choice, Tally Ho, Choice of Magics, Evertree Inn, The Grim and I, Samurai of Hyuga 2 and 3, Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Heart of the House, Keeper of the Sun and Moon, Wayhaven Chronicles, The Superlatives, Mysteries of Baroque, Vampire House


You're right. I played the game about two years ago and just looked up the release date; I didn't know it was that old. Thanks.


Yeah, COV was actually… the second (?) COG I ever played. I definitely got used to thinking of it as one of the “olds” (or classics, if you will).

Newer COGs have become more and more daring, I think. Or adventurous, maybe that’s a better word. Like, just from glancing at Choice of Magics I can tell its reputation is well-earned. It’s really something unusual.


Definitely Choice of Rebels


Fallen Hero:Rebirth
Choice of Rebels
Choice of Magics
Heart of the House
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
Keeper of the Sun and Moon
Wayhaven Chronicles

There’re probably more but off top of my head these are the ones I enjoyed a lot!


A Study in Steampunk, anyone? I know some people don’t like it because you have to play as male but the writing is awesome and every aspect of it kept me captivated.

Tally Ho is also one of my favorites; it’s quirky and fun.

Samurai of Hyuga series is crazy good; yes it is quite linear but it’s okay because the characters are amazing and the MC is fun to play.

Werewolves Haven Rising and Wayhaven Chronicles are also my favorites and I am waiting for the sequel.


Choice of Robots, Fatehaven, Dinoknights, The Grim and I, The Harbinger’s Head, The Great Tournament, The Aether: Life as a God, The Twelve Trials, Tin Star, the Lost Heir series, literally anything written by Paul Wang.


The recent Dragon Racer for me. My imagination literally went wild as i read that. Reminds me of the movie how to train your dragon. Not to mention how the characters were well written that it got me attached to them.


Oh good grief I forgot Dragon Racer, the book that finally made me make a forum account.

Dragon Racer.


You are right here about the writing. I just wish the author wouldn’t have been too lazy to write a female MC for it. Bc really, nothing explains why this game would only work with a male MC. And the saddest part in it is that the author if I recall correctly is female and yet managed to complately forget about women while writing the game. One would think that at least another woman would understand how frustrating it is that the majority of games (not CoGs/HGs but games in general) are more focused on male players.


I may be out of line here but you appear to be doing a lot of mental flips just to say “How dare she write the book she wanted to write.”


Okay, maybe my tone was too harsh when I talked about the author. But my point still stands: As far I recall about that game it could have worked with a female MC just as well as with a male MC. Even the setting doesn’t justify the genderlock like it does in the Infinity series or The Great Tournament series.


Mmm, now that’s a reasonable argument I’m fine with, but calling her out like she’s a traitor for not supporting women is just a bit much.


These are needlessly harsh comments, and to anyone who knows Heather, laughably wrong. She’s on record as a lifelong fan of the Holmes novels and the tropes of Victorian pop fic, which are of course strongly gendered, and which Steampunk was written to explore. One can question her creative decisions without suggesting that someone who “spent a year researching and writing about female monsters and monstrous women in the Victorian novel” neglected MC gender choice out of laziness or forgetfulness.


You’re right, I don’t know her so I can only judge her based on her work and the impression it leaves in me. If I look at the writing it doesn’t suggest the author to be a lazy person actually hence why it’s even more surprising that she didn’t code in at least a pronouns change if not more. And I already admitted that my tone was too harsh I guess that game just rubs me the wrong way bc of the unnecessary genderlock and how it makes impossible for me to enjoy a game which seems good otherwise.


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