What are your writing goals for 2019?


I suppose that’s what happens when I work on 4 stories at once instead of completing one before moving on to the next. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Either way, I think 2019 will be a good year for SHY fans.


Wow, so many folks with so much projects!

@hustlertwo, I’d definitely buy a de-choiced novel of NPT. I’m thinking of doing the same thing with CCH down the line. I think NPT, having set protags, is a natural fit for de-choicing, as you don’t have to create a whole set protagonist out of whole cloth in the process. It definitely seems more doable than would most CS games.

@HannahPS, will you give us an update on the rejection thing? It’s incredibly brave to post that, and I think also incredibly smart to keep sending queries to keep projects in the pipeline. Although your list is already damn impressive.


I don’t have a lot of goals, but I do have writing goals:

  • Actually finish something, er…story.
  • Don’t quit, look around for inspiration.
  • Improve my grammar and writing skills.
  • Humor, I really need it.
  • Good social skills 'cause how can I write something I don’t know.
  • Experiences, aside from the obvious, it will be more dramatic this way.
  • Post a game, an interactive fiction.


If the demands of work die down a bit–a big if–I’m hopeful that I’ll be halfway done with XoR 2 by the end of 2019. That’s the target, anyway. :slight_smile: Two chapters out of four.


It’s been really useful for training myself into feeling comfortable with getting rejections and moving on with other things (or the same thing elsewhere) rather than getting stuck in a “oh it’s never going to happen, my work’s rubbish” etc. Not that I’m totally sanguine about it by any means! But it’s been great for pushing me to actually get stuff out there, and since this August I’ve had more acceptances than rejections, for things that I wouldn’t have considered applying to before - which is even better.


Actually getting around to post a WIP. :sweat_smile:

  1. Plot, outline and write volume 3 of my comic, Breaks.
  2. FInish Fallen Hero: Retribution enough to go to final beta.

That’s gonna fill my plate enough…


All I want for christmas- I mean, for next year…

Is to finally finish my WIPs without leaving them in the dark for 30+ days at a time. :sweat_smile:


I have no idea how long it’s going to take me to finish my WIP, but my goal this coming year is to write every day


1- read topic about end year goals

2- lose weigh reading said topic till the end of year

3- eat lost weigh back on new year eve

4- wish typing make you lose weigh



i probably want to get 3-4 more chapter pumped out for my main Wip The New Order, i also want to get a chapter or two pumped out for my second wip Rise of games, but i may need to make the executive decision to pause work on that to focus on my main wip. i also want to get my secret project out at least by February, and i feel it should be really good since i have been working on it since September. but that most likely would be paused too if i were to pause rise of games.

for the New order i hoping to try to get it Finished by 2020 but it may stretch into 2021

i have no clue how long i’ll be working on rise of games or my secret project.


I’m going to write ten thousand messages to new forum users telling them not to bump old WIP threads.


Stretch goal being 12,000 messages?


I wonder… can Discourse set up an auto-reply/function to help alleviate this?

If X amount of time has gone by (admin-definable), then a thread can auto respond with “Please do not bump old WIP threads that have been inactive for X amount of time” and can be auto-closed.


I did my part to help!


It’s not 2019 yet!


Practice makes perfect.


Think I’ll aim for finishing Blood Hunter, seeing as how it’s past the half-way point.

It’d be nice to have “published author” on my resume.

  1. Finish a first draft of LLG (1/10 chapters done)
  2. Get systems work with Witch Hunter or another game I’ve not worked on yet

…And that’s it. Only two, but #1 is large and #2 relies a lot on networking to make happen.


Ooh, this is a really nice thread! I’m very hopeful for 2019. Anyway, my writing goals are:

  1. Finish at least a third or a fourth of my WIP, Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole!
  2. Establish a writing and development blog.
  3. Work on the outline of Books 2 & 3. This will hopefully let me figure out how to set up the ending of Book 1.
  4. Not fail any of my subjects. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aaand that’s pretty much it, although I have more of these what you call “stretch goals”:

  • Finish at least half of MWCAPH. I don’t actually know how much my work will be faster after I’m done with rewriting Chapter 1.
  • Not really writing, but related: Draw pictures of concept art and all my characters. (And maybe something else fancier…)
  • Try to win NaNoWriMo 2019 and actually try it seriously.
  • Have a working demo of Prayers, Please and finish at least the first week (out of four).