Plans for 2019. A general update about my work.

Hi everyone. This has been on my mind for awhile now and I’ve struggled to put my thoughts and feelings into words.

Basically in May 2015 I experienced a fire in my family home. My wife, both my son’s and my cats were thankfully okay. Only the flat and the property inside was destroyed.

While things are back to normal now. Since the fire my writing has really suffered. A lot of my stuff I delete and rewrite and not really happy with the quality of work I’ve put out.

Apart from a one year period in 2017 but that was mainly because it was focusing on editing season one and I had a fantastic editor who helped me a lot.

Anyway besides that my writing has been hit and miss and because of this not much progress has been made and I completely failed my two month Nanowrimo plans to help finish season two. Instead having literally a whole episode of content deleted because I thought it wasn’t happy with it.

Well after spending a nice Christmas with my family I have come to the conclusion I am being stupid letting doubts and the past drag me down. Instead of letting the stupid imp get to me I should grab him and beat him over the head with a club.

So this is my declaration of war. 2019 will be different. I intend to focus on my writing, ignore that imp called doubt and give my fans something that I can be proud of.

This means I’ll focus on getting season two up and moving again. It also means I intend to finish an earlier project people enjoyed called “A New Pulse” as it is already over 90,000 words and it would be shame to let it die.

I will end 2019 with two new games released. Doubt or no doubt. I owe it to the fans and I owe it to myself.

Thank you and hope you look forward to it :slight_smile:


Maybe season two can have an episode where we really get to go to town on an imp?

But might I suggest that when doubt decides to try and poke its way in, you push out the content so far to trusted testers for feedback?

Also did that re-edit of season one get pushed live yet? I’ve been waiting on its release to replay season 1.

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Cheering you on SO HARD right now!! You’ve got this!!

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Let us have cake! I’m looking forward to season 2:laughing:

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Best of luck for 2019

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Yes it did. :slight_smile:

clapping just… Wow. Cheering you on right now! 12f18e90-ac6e-44bd-9243-c3b3bf704b23


I just want to say thank you. It’s always uplifting to see someone rally themselves for a charge to glory. Can’t wait to see what delightful stories you cook up.

Just an Idea, but why not personify your slaying of the doubt imp in one of your stories? Even only as a dream sequence if none of them have a suitable theme.

Hope your Christmas was merry and that your new year is Happy.


Someone linked this recently in my local writing group :slight_smile:



way to go @Nocturnal_Stillness beat the hell out of that imp

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Sigh. So this didn’t turn out as I planned although I did get two episodes done and managed to complete nanowrimo this year. But its a lot better than I did the previous year. So here we go let’s make 2020 a second attempt at this :slight_smile:


I am sure that you will continue to grow… we’ll be here, both supporting you and cheering you … :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile: