What are some weird dating sims?

So I don’t remember any finished odd dating games since Jurassic Heart.

All the alphas and betas haven’t been all that satisfying so I thought I’d ask if any of you know any I might not have found yet.

If they cost anything it might be a while before I can get to it.

Easy on the Japanese wannabe stuff.




Do you mean video games in general? Or just CYOA games?


You have something?

Well, there are quit a few on Steam. Though the games themselves cost, and if you want weird ones, there is one about dating pigeons, and another where the girls are named after tanks from World War II…

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  • My strange lover
  • My Angel romance
  • My royal guardian
  • My Secret spy
  • Roomate

These are the ones I have stuck on my tablet coz of my sister, be careful of the first two because on most systems you have to download them.

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How about Army of Tentacles: (Not) A Cthulhu Dating Sim ? I haven’t played it.

I just found a horse dating sim and that looks like it’s going to give me nightmares.


@COGZealot I think I have that pigeon one. I’ve had Hatoful boyfriend in my GOG library for a while but I haven’t picked up their Christmas special yet.
Maybe I’ll give that tanks one a look.

@moonwalkerdragon Looking pretty interesting but they seem a bit stingy. How many videos do I need to watch to get one story ticket?
Maybe I ought to pick up Roommates again.

@FairyGodfeather Well there’s something I wish listed and forgot. :sweat_smile: This may sound like a weird question but would Steam functions get in the way of starting over? Like if I wanted to 100% it all over again I mean.
Looks like getting that horse game will be about as tricky as getting SMT1.

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I thinking we talk about experience of having weird dates lols. Okay so weird games…. I have some list and some that I even regretted playing…. All came from bet games between my crazy friends and I… I’ll put spoiler tags on them since some are ahem… too weird…

Creature to Koi Shiyo! Kokonoe Kokoro (Note: You as a teenage dude has to resist a tempting human-sized female cricket. Yup, its gross as…well just gross…)

Love conquers all (Note: WHY DID I EVER PLAY THIS!)

Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator (Note: Win the heart of the tank-girl. The TANKS look just like Japanese School Girls…. The craziness in this game is mind blowing.)

Hatoful Boyfriend (Note: Female Human girl trying to romance birds…birds…and more birds….)

Love Love Chau!! (Note: Supports the love between male cast members of Pacific Rim. Yeah you read this correctly.)

Meat Log Mountain (Note: Demonic infested manly-men-only lumberjack town which you as a pudgy man can date them all…

Jesus Christ RPG Trilogy (Note: Just play it and make your own judgement……)

Sweet Fuse (Note: Bombs are connected with LOVE?!)

PacaPlus (Note: A man in love with a spitting Alpaca….)

Major\Minor (Note: Furry animals and alien animals love…)


Steam functions (depending on which ones you are talking about) shouldn’t interfere with starting over, and you can always contact Support for help if they do.

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Another that’s been gathering dust in my wishlist. It sounds too much like one of those power fantasies to me but I’m still not removing it.

cat president!!! lol

like congresswolf but w/ cats… and rover

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It resets at 8:00am Japanese time which is 6:00am English time. That’s when you get 3 more tickets. I know they look and read a little stingy but give them time, they are not well known so they are pretty unpopular but there is another one called SHINSENGUMI and its in capitals. Give that a try, it is by the same developer so you can see what they can do.

Nope, no one is interested to make a patch.

I forgot the Japanese name for it, that one is the English translation. The game is a little harder to locate now. Even I can’t find it now. Too bad, it was rather weirdly good yet it has what happen moment.

Not that i know of

I think a team is already making it, but I they have no updates so far.

If you’re interested in a text game that is rather adult themed and rather has that weird feel to it try CoC - not clash of clans okay the other CoC

I don’t mind adult themes but I’m not looking for them. I find Fenoxo’s stuff kind of boring actually.

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Oh too bad I kinda liked Coc finding the endings was rather fun. Oh well.

Also too add to those wacky list is…’ll put spoiler tags on them just to be on the safe side since others are rather sensitive lols….

Team Fortress 2 Dating Sim High School (a dating sim starring Team Fortress 2 characters. Set in high school… the awkward and hilarity of this game is rather …. Never mind….)

SC2VN(a visual novel about the South Korean StarCraft 2)

Brothers Conflict (So girl in a harem of guys theme….)

Gakuen Handsome(Guy has some deadly chin….)

Yume Miru Kusuri: A Drug That Makes You Dream (So this is kinda interesting, but there are some scenes that are rather questionable.)

Princess Arthur (So imagine Arthur as a girl and romance her knights in shinny armor. Kinda has this feeling of MOE when you play it. Merlin, Mordred, Galahan, Percival, Lancelot, etc. Basically MOE mode… meh. I think some fighting is invovle, but it got drowned in MOE mode of the game… Probably just me complaining with the amount of ulalala things when i tried it.)

Brother Falls in Love! (An average human girl that has feelings for a Brother printer)

Tomak Save the Earth (Head on a pot that you date actually lols)

Army of Tentacles is actually an RPG with a short joke dating sim segment.

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The really funny ones have been listed already, but here are a few unusual ones I’ve played -

Katawa Shoujo - All girls have some kind of disability, as do you. It’s unique, and prepare for some deep feels, man.

Cupid - Available through itch.io here - instead of playing as the protagonist, you play as the voice in her head, “Mother”, who tries to manipulate her choices. Disturbing but brilliant.

Hate Plus/Analogue: A Hate Story - You can get them both on Steam. Super-cute robots, cultural archaeology, futuristic neofeminism, and a murder mystery to solve.

Asphyxia, or anything else by Ebi-Hime - (Available on Steam or itch.io) She writes dating sims that really aren’t - they’re not romantic, they’re usually depressing, and relationships almost never happen. This is one of the weirdest, where lesbian schoolgirls represent major Romantic-era poets.

Hustle Cat - (On Steam) The guys you can date in this game are sometimes cats. It’s more of a shapeshifting thing than a furry thing, but well, it can get weird.

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Not a dating sim but an idle clicker that parodies dating sims. I find Crush Crush kinda fun. I played it on Kongregate, it’s on Steam too though.

[details=And nobody beats Bearverly, who’s the best!]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-fCwaBPy87Vs/Vz5qs6wP9kI/AAAAAAAAhRY/Vzpu9PNkkdE_VhsMQsbcBAjBikX0HuSDg/w506-h750/bearverly.JPG


Asagao Academy. Famed youtube personalities in a Japanese high school. Date JonTron.


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