Are there any dating sims out there?

Ever since I found choicescript my inner-romantic has come out to play. While a lot of the games I’ve played on here usually portrays some kind of romance, it doesn’t really feel like enough.

Has any one tried their hand at making one (and, you know, uploaded it?).

Cause, I was kind of thinking of working on one (As in, I might have already set up a base for one, as well as all the characters…)

Of you had one in mind I’d love to see it play out. And play it as well. I know there’s a site out there with some sims but the name is escaping me at the moment…

If you can think of it let me know!

But yeah, I’m kind of working on one, and is actually the reason I figured out how to do an inventory in the stats screen. I might post it once I get the second chapter done, which is what I’m working on now.

You should write one, but the greatest dating sim ever in existence is called life.

Are you looking for text-based dating sims specifically? I don’t think I know any aside from Choice of Romance, but I know a site that lists english and english-translated otome games (visual novels and dating sims made for a female audience), several of which are free to download, if you want. No text ones though, sadly.

I was thinking more along the lines of text. It’s the personalization that I’m looking for, to be able to be you’re own character and make different decisions, which is why I think choicescript could do good in this, for those who are willing to make it.

I’m secretly (not so secretly?) making one for my own enjoyment. I’m not sure if I’ll share it or not though since i made it for my friends and it’s a but silly c:

@potato Nothing wrong with things being silly!

The one I’m working on is more along the serious lines, and I might end up posting it in the next few days cause I think it might have potential. Of course, I’m biased so probably not best to take my word for it :stuck_out_tongue:

I think choicescript would make for a great dating sim. Well-written romances are usually the highlight of a lot of the games I like, and I’m kind of surprised nobody’s tried making one focused entirely on romance before.

I was always disappointed Choice of Romance ended up being a lot more about political power-games than actual romance. Political intrigue makes for a great story too, but it wasn’t what I was looking for and I could never really get into the series.

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I’m writing a romance…

@Eriedanna it’s a shame if no one has really made one. I’m thinking I probably will end up posting mine. It may not meet expectations but I’m having a bit of fun with it. It will also take a bit since there are 15 characters so far, not including you…

@chrysoula Any info you’re willing to part with about it? Like what’s it’s about?

I keep trying to write one and then getting distracted by plot, and the realisation that I don’t write good romances at all. I think a proper dating game would be a lot of fun. I’d love to see one in choicescript.

The idea I have in my head, you meet whoever, decide you want to chase after them leading to a specific path where you romance that character and see a number of scenes specific to that character, with the option of backing out and choosing to chase after someone else. I think this might be the easiest for me to write , as well so that you can actually get to see who the character is.

I’m really not sure how else it would be written, anyway, without a massive amount of coding more than it would already need.

That seems to be the route dating games go so it seems like it should work great. I think it’s preferable than to just having the same date for every character but with the name replaced.

The very silly supernatural dating agency game I was poking at (it’s just code, no actual text) was fill in a questionaire, get assigned a date, pick a location for a date. (You don’t want to take the werewolf for a moonlit walk along the beach, and the vampire’s not going to be happy in an Italian restaurant with all that garlic, and the demon won’t like drinking in the converted church.)

Is your dating game just a real world one? Or any special twists to it?

It’s pretty real world. I lied when I said 15 characters. Actually 17 with room for more. I’m trying for a realistic like setting, so there’s gonna be a variety of characters. I thought about adding a ghost though, but it might end up being too bittersweet for me to write.

Alter Ego contains a dating sim as part of its whole-life simulation.

Keep it real! That’s good and something people will like.

Are you having fixed genders? Sexuality?

@Dfabulich Alter Ego’s dating elements are a bit shallow, and no same-sex romances of course. Which I know, you know. I think it’d be great to be able to use choicescript and get around those problems.

That was the one thing I didn’t like about Alter Ego. The game itself was amazing but there was no same-sex.

There’s 8 males and 8 females, with one character having the option of being either gender you want. Of both groups, only one is purely straight and the other gay. The rest are bi.

Ah a good romance is hard to resist, but difficult to write without seemingly being forced upon a character, or way too cliché.

As for the plethora of bi characters tend to make me wary, as it was pointed out to me that it make it look like bi people are promiscuous, but that stereotype can be silenced in the way you write the characters themselves.

But in parting a romance themed Choice game I am all for that and wish you luck in your writing pursuit.

It was hard finding any sort of life-sim that does have same-sex relationships. Dating sims too aren’t that easy, although easier if you have a female main character than a male.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a large number of bi characters. I tend to take that route as well. The problem is if all bi characters are shown as poly and extremely promiscuous, which isn’t always the case.