Romance Choice Games

Hey everyone!

I’m Andrea and I’ve been playing choice games for a long time. What I find most enjoyable is romance, but I feel like we don’t have enough of it. So, I’m interested in creating a choice game based around romance with maybe something a little extra added to it.

One of the ideas I have right now is to create a reality show similar to the bachelor/bachelorette shows, but I am totally up for hearing what you guys/girls would like to see in a romance choice game.

Let me know what you’d like to see!



It would be awesome if that reality show has a theme like hunger games

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@Sanjay “Get the guy/girl or die trying.”

I don’t know why that idea cracks me up so much. :joy:


In that case, how about trying to seduce one of twelve people that are trying to kill you and accidentally fall in love, while you’re at it?


Have you watched Burning Love? That’s my only experience of dating game shows. :slight_smile:

I think there’s actually a severe lack of normal, non-supernatural, games in choicescript. A romance, or romantic comedy game could be a lot of fun. Would we be the Bachelor/ette having to pick and voting people off? Or would we be one of the contestants? Or would it be like the edition where it’s an equal mix of men and women?

I’d say no death, as fun as the idea is. Just be normal!


please… dont… :cry: what if i have to choose between two RO and one of them has to die like Mass Effect Ashley and Kaidan i dont want to experiences it again~

and @ladyglaze… i love your idea… please do it!! :grin:


This made me think of that one, very strange 70s LA gangster Romeo and Juliet movie with Leonardo DiCaprio that I had to watch in an acting class all about Shakespeare.

This is a cool idea. Most of the times the MC is the, well, main character… but if they were just a character on the show and they were the ones who had to work to get someone else’s attention… huh.

Anyway, @ladyglaze I’d totally be down for a romance/reality-tv show game. It sounds like you could go some pretty interesting ways with this. I wish you good luck!

I’ve got to say, that would be very… interesting, LOL.

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I haven’t seen that, no.

The player would be the bachelor/ette and would have control over who is eliminated. The beginning would be like an application process to get more information about your character. Because of the complexity of the idea, I’m not sure how I would handle straight/gay/bi choices, unless I did like seasons of the show where one season you play a girl with men or women vying for your love, and then the next play the guy with girl or guy contestants. Or somehow incorporate both in one season.


I’m already working on the application process. :smiley:

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Burning Love is silly. It’s a parody of dating gameshows.

Well first, do you want to offer a choice of male/female protagonist or not? You could just have a female protagonist. But then do you want to offer a choice of sexuality?

If you do it like Survivor, or Big Brother, where you throw a bunch of people into an unusual situation, and hope they date each other you can then mix in male and female characters.

Although what would the location be? Would it be a luxury island, a huge fancy mansion, something like that? Or would it be more back to basics like Survivor?

How would people be voted off? Would the player need to avoid getting voted off? Would it be by viewer vote, or by the other contestants? Or are they, secretly immune to being voted off because someone’s pulling strings?


Thanks! Hopefully I’ll have something to share by next week.



Can u by any chance make two separate walkthroughs. One where the MC has control over who gets eliminated and one where the MC participates in the show. I like the idea of MC being a part of the reality show because it opens up the room for more conversation, romance, betrayals etc etc.

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I’d like the player to have control over their gender and sexuality. I’m just concerned over how complicated it might be to juggle those options plus a ton of contestants.

I haven’t decided on a location yet, but I had considered doing like a southern theme, so they would have been somewhere in the south, but I think that might be a little too limiting.

Hmm. That would really depend on how I go about the show. I’m going to go work on an outline and post more information soon!


As long as I don’t have to date guys in it them I’m totally sold on the idea! :smiley:

I’ll see what I can do. :smile:


Yes it does have the potential to get extremely complicated. Limiting the complications is important. If you removed the potential for anyone to be voted off that would help. That way you’re just dealing with the same number of people.

If you keep the dating options small, maybe 3 men, 3 women, and maybe one extra person (maybe even make them nonbinary) so the numbers are even. Making everyone bi again simplifies things.

If you like the South, then go for a Southern theme. Will there be racist issues brought up though?

sounds good :slight_smile: It’d be cool if it was like hero’s rise, the hero project(the first one) or like big brother where you all live together, but have challenges/activities. Like have people voting for villanous and sweet and innocent contestants, having a drama stat etc.

…That actually sounds like a fantastic idea! Romance is, for me, one of the things that help a game come alive… And in my opinion Romance improves everything.

Heh, probably because I have no romance/drama in my everyday life.


Hero Project tried it. Turned into a propo piece.